Does Kuda Bank Give Loans?

When in need of loans as a Nigerian, there are more than one means of getting it. From myriads of loan apps to money lenders to conventional banks, the choice of your loan giver is up to you. Kuda Bank is a virtual (or online-only) bank that offers banking services similar to that of conventional … Read more

Which Bank Has the Most Customers in Nigeria?

Nigeria has more than 20 commercial banks with branches spread across the country’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Some of the popular commercial banks in Nigeria include Zenith Bank, First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, United Bank for Africa, Access Bank etc. These banks have millions of customers that have accounts with them … Read more

Does Inbox Dollars Work in Nigeria?

Inbox Dollars is Get-Paid-To platform that pays members for doing what they do every day. Most of the things you do online like playing games, reading emails, and searching the web can earn tons of money and since you live in Nigeria, getting paid in dollars and cashing out in naira could lead to some … Read more

How Does Fixed Deposit Work in Nigeria?

Fixed deposits are an investment scheme that most Nigerians have never heard about or don’t just know how it works. However, it is one of the safest investments available from banks. Fixed deposits typically pay higher interest rates than saving accounts and even the acclaimed money market accounts. Unfortunately, there is one big hiccup with … Read more

Is Cryptocurrency Legal In Nigeria?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is used to carry out business transactions. In simple terms, it is a form of payment employed for the purchase of goods and services. Cryptocurrencies let you buy commodities, and even trade them for profit. However, it is important to note that a cryptocurrency uses an online ledger … Read more

Is Chymall Registered in Nigeria?

This an e-commerce platform that offers a variety of products. It’s also a pioneer of Jack Ma’s (CEO of ALIBABA) proposed “New Retail” e-commerce business model. This proposed business model allows buyers of e-commerce products to profit from their transactions. Is Chymall Registered in Nigeria? Yes, Chymall is officially registered in Nigeria with the Corporate … Read more

Does Venmo Work in Nigeria?

Venmo is a payment platform that offers swift transactions between US-based users of their app. Its service is tailored for people living in the US, and this makes its user experience impressive in such regions. Does Venmo Work in Nigeria? No, Venmo is not available in Nigeria, but there is a payment platform you can … Read more

Does Worldremit Work in Nigeria?

WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payments service that lets its users transfer money and perform other remittance services. They offer their services in over 70 currencies and about 130 countries. Does Worldremit Work in Nigeria? Yes, Worldremit works in Nigeria. You can use this digital payment service to transfer money and for airtime top-up. This … Read more

Does Zelle Work in Nigeria?

Zelle is a popular payment/money transfer platform that allows you to send cash from one US account to another. Apart from fast transactions, their low fees also attract lots of users to the platform. Does Zelle Work in Nigeria? No, Zelle doesn’t work in Nigeria, but there is an alternative you can use which is … Read more

Does Wise (Transferwise) Work in Nigeria?

Transferwise is an Internet banking platform known for its quick transactions and cheap fees when compared to other platforms offering its kind of service. This company changed its name from Transferwise to Wise, but the former is what most people still call it today. Does Transferwise Work in Nigeria? Yes, Wise works in Nigeria. This … Read more

Does Stripe Work in Nigeria?

Stripe is a payment gateway used by major e-commerce stores and other businesses with an online presence. One of Stripe’s strong points is its seamless transaction process which makes payment very swift. Does Stripe Work in Nigeria? No, Stripe doesn’t yet work in Nigeria. There are several other payment gateways you can use and most … Read more