Current Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah Price In Nigeria

 How much is Oraimo power bank 20000mah price in Nigeria?

Not more than ₦13,900.

For such humongous power capacity, it is a bargain.

However, the price could differ depending on the outlet you are buying it from. But it stays within the price range.

Oraimo has about five 20000mAh power banks. We will look into their prices and why you should buy them.

Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah Price In Nigeria

Below is a tabular representation of the prices of the top 5 Oraimo 20000mAh power banks:

Power Bank ModelsPrices (₦)
Oraimo Traveler 4 20000mAh 2.1A₦11,500
Oraimo Traveler 2 Byte 20000mAh₦13,600
Oraimo Pilot 20000mAh 2.1APrice: ₦13,000
Oraimo Pilot Byte 20000mAh₦12,700
Oraimo Traveler 4 Pro Quick Charge 20000mAh₦13,780

Why Should You Buy Any Of These Power Banks?

1. Optimized Portability

Each power bank is lightweight, so you can conveniently take extra power with you anywhere.

Their easy-grip edges make them fit comfortably in your hand as well.

 2. Massive Capacity

Let’s start with the obvious: the HUGE 20000mAh high capacity that gets you never to worry about dead phones ever again.

A one-time charge is all it takes to juice up your devices multiple times on the go.

 3. Fast Charging

 Oraimo instills its high-speed charging technology in each of these banks to ensure faster charging for two or more devices at a spot.

4. Elegant Case

 Design-wise, these 20000mAh power banks are all on point!

 Most of them come with a classic 3D texture that is highly resistant to stains and scratches. This helps retain its modern look and gives confidence in use.

 5. Superior Safety

 There is nothing more reassuring than using a safe product.

Oraimo’s Multi-Protection Safety System offers a safe power supply to users to ensure the integrity of your battery’s life.

The Built-in LED light also gives you a bright view in the dark. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Can A 20000mah Power Bank Fully Charge Your Phone?

 A 20,000mAh power bank (whether Oraimo or not) can juice up a fully drain Android 2 to 4 times –depending on the battery capacity.

Meanwhile, iPhone users can get up to 4 to 6 rounds of charging.

This is more than enough to solve battery anxiety for an average user. However, 40,000 mAh is the safest bet for heavy users.

But with that much power, you could be sacrificing Portability. A 40,000 mAh is a HUGE power bank that could be inconvenient.

 Can A Power Bank Overcharge A Phone?

Of course, it can –if left uninspected using a low-quality power bank.

However, Overcharging barely happens when using a quality power bank. That is because the built-in overcharge protection feature constrains more electricity from entering the battery.

And the Oraimo 20000mAh power bank has it to pass the safety regulations with flying colors. 

So you can rest assured using this bank won’t cause any form of damage to your battery’s health.

What Happens When You Overcharge Your Device With A Power Bank?

It doesn’t matter if it is a power bank or not; overcharging a device (long-term) puts your battery’s life at risk.

It will reduce your battery health by running out of juice more quickly, leading to swelling and thermal runaway –a safety hazard.

Using a power bank is incredibly convenient; as such, one could get carried away –leaving their device to charge longer than it could.

Thus, you should ALWAYS keep an eye on your charging device and disconnect immediately once it hits 98%.

Is Power Bank Charging As Efficient As Electrical Outlet?

No doubt, the technological advancements in power bank has made them a reliable source of power when an outlet is out of reach.

But compared to the direct charging from an electrical outlet, it is steps behind –not a mile away if using a quality power bank and cable.

Which Power Bank Is Best For 20000mAh?

I have just ten recommendations:

  • MI Power Bank Hypersonic
  • MI Power Bank 3i
  • Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank
  • Amazon Basics 20000mAh Power Bank
  • Portronics Power PRO 20K
  • URBN 20k mAh Premium Nano Power Bank
  • Anker PowerCore 20100
  • Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3
  • RAVPower 20,000mAh Power Bank
  • AUKEY 20,000mAh Power Bank 

Each power bank has a good balance of reliability and performance at an affordable price. Their fast charging capabilities are never in doubt, and they have USB-C PD support and multiple charging ports.


Should you still go for the Oraimo 20000 mAh Power Bank?

I think you should!

It has great charging power, a sleek modern design, fantastic charging ports, and is relatively affordable overall.

Moreover, Oraimo products are readily available, considering they are popular. So you can either get the 20000 mAh power bank from online channels or in any phone accessory store.