Current Ladies Bike Price In Nigeria

 While most States in Nigeria have stopped motorcycles operation along its major cities and roads to promote safety, you can still be rocking your lady’s bike if you live in rural areas.

I really want to put this out there first, as most people may think it might be putting a damper on their plans. 

So, what would be your budget if you were looking forward to getting one? 

Half a million? 

Let’s find out some of the most popular ladies bike price in Nigeria. 

Ladies Bike Price In Nigeria

Ladies motorcycles have flooded the market with numerous designs as men’s. But we over here (Nigeria) can’t boast of the same. 

Few Ladies bikes are being imported to the country. So your options are kind of limited.

 But there are a couple of prestige brands with really cool designs to choose from. 

One that stands out the most is the Sinoki Supra motorcycle —a Chinese brand that produces reliable motorcycles at affordable prices. 

Another brand that rings a bell is the Jincheng motorcycle. It also hails from China —a very stylish and practical motorcycle fit for women drives. 

And as we know, China products ALWAYS come at a discount. 

Qlink is also sweeping sales in motorcycle industries. They have a strong foot in the Nigerian market as well. They seem to be the priciest of the three. 

So how much does each of their bike cost? 

Sinoki Supra motorcycle price starts from ₦ 200,000. 

Qlink Target should be around ₦255,000 plus, and Jincheng Ladies Bike over ₦250,000.

For each of these bikes, you should budget up to ₦300,000 as you never can tell –it could be lower or up to ₦300,000. The market price is constantly fluctuating thanks to dollar. 

I also recommend getting a brand new model instead of a fairly used one. 

As you know, second-hand products are only sometimes reliable. 

Even though they are cheaper, the unexpected repair cost could take a sizable chunk of money from your account. 

Meanwhile, tear rubber is undoubtedly the best option as they are in an excellent physical and operational state –with everything intact and never visiting the mechanic ones. 

What To Consider When Buying A Ladies Bike

You can’t just pick whatever they throw at your face when you are in the market for a ladies motorcycle.

It has to be giving. Plus, there are certain key features to look at that work in your favor like: 

1. Seat Height And Ergonomics

You want a ride that is comfortable not only while you are on it but also one that allows you to reach the ground with both feet. 

The ergonomics of the motorcycle ensure you have a comfortable ride even while going through a long distance.

2. Engine Size and Power

If you are an experienced rider that likes going fast, the engine size does matter. 

You won’t be overtaking the Porsche and Ferraris, but opting for a bike with larger engines offers robust power and acceleration.

Meanwhile, a smaller engine will fit your profile if you are a beginner. 

3. Riding Style

This is your top priority as you want something that suits your style —I’m talking about the weight, handling, and design. 

What do you prefer? 

Lightweight bikes are by far easier to handle. They offer more control and maneuverability even at low speeds or when parking.  

Again, are you looking for a sporty bike or something casual and cruising? 

I will let you decide on that one. 

But go with what speaks to you. 

4. Safety Features, Storage, and Accessories

This is one to consider is you will be doing a lot of transporting. 

The weights could strain on your bike. You want something that is safe on the road, like a stability control feature, traction, and anti-lock braking systems when parked. 

Storage options you also be at the top of your list. Would you like an under-seat compartments or luggage racks. 

In addition, available accessories help you commute better. The visibility and lighting both play a significant role in your nighttime. 

5. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency is something most riders don’t consider. Maybe because they got the bag like that.

But you should consider it as it can impact on your running costs and overall riding experience. 

6. Brand And Reliability

A reputable motorcycle brand seems like an attractive choice. And there is a reason behind it. They are trustworthy and backed by customer’s reviews and rating.

Their product tend to offer the best-in-class performance and durability.  

Mind you, reputable brands tend to be pricier. 

7. Budget 

And lastly, money takes. 

How much are you willing to pay? That is the question. 

You have gotten the ideal ride that suits your preference and specifications. Now comes the price

But it is advisable to stick to your budget, if you want to make a financially sound decision. 

But it is up to you, though.


So that is all to know about the ladies bike prices in Nigeria. 

And while it may sound unimportant, licensing requirements for certain engine sizes could be a hindrance. 

So it is valid to get yours on point. You also want to think ahead.

You won’t be riding this bike all your life. Certainly, you can do resale and cash in when you still can. 

So consider the bike’s motorcycle’s potential resale value. Are there still demands and spare parts in the market? 

Those are the type of questions you should be asking.