Hotels In Gwarinpa And Price List

Let me guess: you want to lodge in one of Gwarinpa’s hotels but don’t know which one to choose. 

Gwarinpa has numerous hotels —way too many to count, let alone have each of their prices by heart. 

Well, we have done the tedious surveying job on the hotels in Gwarinpa and price list. 

Unfortunately, we can’t mention all the available hotels on this page, as that would be exhausting. Moreover, you can’t go around all these hotels trying to lodge. 

So this is what we did:

We filtered out only the MOST in-demand hotels to compile our list.   

Hotels In Gwarinpa And Price List (Per Night)

So here you have it: the most visited hotels in Gwarinpa by people from different walks of life and their pricing per night:

Hotels Prices (₦)
Sycamore Royals Hotel Jahi₦46,836
Purple Tulip Hotel and Resorts₦34,181
Ouupic Royal SuitesStarts from ₦19,000
The Grosvenor Suites & Apartment ₦57,347
Purple Tulip Hotel and Resorts₦34,181
Benysta Hotel Gwarimpa₦60,213
Urban Castle₦18,394
The Cocoon AbujaStarts from ₦24,082
De-Rossi Hotel And Suites₦20,240
Quest Boutique Hotel₦39,809
Starview Palace Hotel₦29,489
NIAS Events and SuitesStarts from ₦30,071
Peace Royal Resort₦36,561
Habab Grand Resort₦24,950
J’s Place – Hotel & Suites₦18,000
Stanzel Grand ResortStarts from ₦18,873
Grand Palazzo Hotel₦38,396
Ubiq Suites and Apartment₦19,350
Pave Hotel & Suites₦20,000
Paint House Hotel Abuja₦10,000
Trafford Hotel Gwarimpa₦38,396
Degok Hotels Ltd (Annex)₦43,165
House 24 deluxe₦50,045
George Town Hotel₦56,442
Josto’s Place₦36,907
Grandville Hotels & Resort₦30,717
Kifina Emerald Hotel₦38,258
Grey Top Apartment₦89,556
Starview palace hotel₦29,305
Habab Grand Resort₦26,263
Auris Court Suites ₦16,500
Josto Apartment and Suites₦38,500
Savannah Suites, Gwarinpa₦26,612
Hotel De Lamitel Annex₦7,500
Dalchifit Suites Abuja₦67,526
Kriscane suites Gwarimpa, Abuja₦27,009
312 Resort Gwarinpa₦31,035
Frankeyz Haven Suites₦49,812
Sycamore Royals Hotel Jahi₦46,836
Pedallo Luxury Inn₦30,584
Nippon Grand Hotels – Classic₦171,430

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gwarinpa Among The Finest Places In Abuja?

Yes, it is. Gwarinpa is rated among the top places to visit in Abuja. But there are other better attractions in Abuja. Here are the highly rated ones: 

  • Maitama
  • Asokoro
  • Wuse II
  • Gwarinpa (again)
  • Jabi
  • Jabi Lake
  • Dunes
  • Dolapo Obat Gallery
  • Usuma Dam
  • Thought Pyramid Art Centre
  • Jabi Boat Club
  • Retro Africa Gallery
  • Katampe Extension
  • Mabushi
  • Central Business District (CBD)
  • Life Camp

Is Gwarinpa A Residential Area For Billionaires?

From the middle-class, rich, multi-millionaires to billionaires, Gwarinpa offers upscale housing estates. 

But, the most affluent neighborhood home to many politicians, diplomats, and wealthy individuals is Asokoro.

Which Part Of Abuja Is The Safest?

Sorry to disappoint, but it is not Gwarinpa. That title falls to The Aso Rock Presidential Villa. 

The Aso Rock villa is unmistakably the most protected and stringent part of the capital because it is where the President of Nigeria resides. 

It also doubles up as an administrative center of the Nigerian government.

So, since the safety and security of the President and high-profile government officials are pivotal to the country’s rule, it is heavily guarded and fortified. 

But if you are talking of gated communities and upscale districts to live and do business safely, Maitama, Asokoro, and Wuse II would be at the top of that list. 

Which Location Is The Most Expensive In Abuja?

Abuja houses the country’s most prestigious, upscale neighborhoods and districts that cater to affluent residents, government officials, and aristocrats. 

All expensively coalesce with luxurious homes and modern amenities with maximum security 24/7.

However, Asokoro and Maitama are unquestionably Abuja’s most prestigious and expensive neighborhoods. Their upscale homes, hotels, and restaurants are nothing seen before. 


At the time of writing this article, these are the current prices to lodge in each of these Gwarinpa hotels per night. 

However, that could change over time. 

We suggest you check in with their customer service or visit their official website for the most up-to-date pricing. 

Note: the charges could differ depending on the room type and available promotions or discounts. 

Also, using online travel booking platforms helps cut down costs.