Current Digital Camera Prices In Nigeria

Most people would rather take photos with a digital camera if they have one at their disposal. That is because they are specifically designed for that, so you should expect good shots.  

However, many still buy into the preconceived notion that you must break the bank to get one. 

But this list proves otherwise. Many affordable digital cameras can still take good shots. And they are premium. 

So, if you want a digital camera for your studio or are a content creator, this list of digital camera prices in Nigeria will help you decide.  

Digital Camera Prices In Nigeria

Here is a list of digital cameras from renowned brands and their prices in Nigeria: 

1. Canon Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
IXUS 175 Digital CameraFrom N58, 000
IXUS 285 Digital Camera From N79, 000
LEGRIA Digital CameraFrom N150, 000
Powershot SX503 Digital CameraFrom N170, 000
DSLR Digital Camera 1100DFrom N160, 000
IXUS 180 Digital Camera From N200, 000
Powershot G5 Digital Camera From N250, 000
Powershot A810 Digital CameraFrom N300, 000
EOS 1200D Digital CameraFrom N200, 000
EOS 200D Digital CameraFrom N230, 000
EOS M100 (Mirrorless) With WifiFrom N267, 000
EOS 700D Digital CameraFrom N300, 000
EOS 750D Digital CameraFrom N395, 000
EOS 760D Digital CameraFrom N440, 000
EOS 80D Digital CameraFrom N435, 000
EOS 70D Digital CameraFrom N440, 000
EOS 800D Digital CameraFrom N515, 000
EOS 7D Mark II CameraFrom N660, 000
EOS 6D Digital CameraFrom N890, 000

2. Nikon Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
CoolPix W100 Digital CameraFrom N68, 000
CoolPix S2900 Digital Camera From N62, 000
CoolPix S800C Digital CameraFrom N75, 000
CoolPix A100 Digital Camera From N117, 000
CoolPix L340 Digital Camera From N137, 000
CoolPix B500 Digital Camera From N145, 000
CoolPix L340 Digital Camera From N137, 000
CoolPix B700 Digital CameraFrom N250, 000
CoolPix B700 Digital CameraFrom N250, 000
D5200 Digital CameraFrom N285, 000
D5300 Digital CameraFrom N300, 000
D5300 HDSLR Digital CameraFrom N325, 000
D610 Digital CameraFrom N590, 000
D5600 Digital CameraFrom N450, 000
D500 Digital CameraFrom N800, 000
CoolPix P900 Digital CameraFrom N1,000, 000
D750 SRL Digital CameraFrom N1,000, 000
D810 DSLR Digital CameraFrom N1, 430, 000

3. Sony Digital Cameras

ModelPrice (₦)
Cybershot W800 Digital Camera From N62, 000
DSCW170 Digital CameraFrom N80, 000
Cybershot H300 Digital CameraFrom N150, 000
Cybershot TX20 Digital CameraFrom N120, 000
Cybershot W810 Digital Camera From N130, 000
NEX-3N Digital Camera From N149, 000
Cybershot W830 Digital Camera From N114, 000
Cybershot RX100 III Digital CameraFrom N340, 000
Cybershot HX90V Digital Camera From N258, 000
HDR CX405 Digital CameraFrom N250, 000
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IVFrom N1,500, 000

4. Polaroid Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
Kenko instant camera Monochrome cameraFrom N61, 000
Polaroid GO Analog Instant Film CameraFrom N87, 000

5. Panasonic Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
HC-X1000 4K UHD CamcorderFrom N1, 380, 900
HDC MDH1GC Full HD Video CameraFrom N450, 000
FZ70 Semi-Pro CameraFrom N150, 000
Lumix DMC TZ90 Digital CameraFrom N160, 000
Lumix DMC GH5 Digital CameraFrom N1, 100, 000
Lumix DMC LZ40 Digital Camera From N105, 000

6. Olympus Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
TG-5 (12MP) Digital CameraFrom N196, 000
VR370 Digital CameraFrom N75, 000
D-750 (16MP) Digital Camera From N54, 000

7. Fujifilm Digital Cameras 

ModelPrice (₦)
X100F Digital CameraFrom N530, 000
X-T2 Digital Camera From N580, 000
Instax SQ10 Digital CameraFrom N112, 000
Instax 90 Neo Digital Camera From N56, 000
FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 11 Instant Film Camera From N120, 000
FinePix S2980 Digital Camera From N88, 000
FinePix S4800 Digital CameraFrom N100, 000
FinePix S4600 Digital CameraFrom N78, 000

8. Samsung Digital Cameras And Prices In Nigeria

ModelPrice (₦)
SH100 Digital Camera From N64, 000
ST95 Digital CameraFrom N71, 000
MV800 Multiview Digital CameraFrom N85, 000


As you might have guessed, this is not the complete list of digital camera prices in Nigeria from these brands. 

We did our utmost to put up a decent list, but it is best to head to their official website for their latest products. 

You should also have it at the back of your mind that the price tags aren’t precise. The list is just a drop of what you should expect your budget to look like for each model. 

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