Current Dstv Packages And Price In Nigeria 

If you are in Nigeria, you know DSTV is arguably the most sought-after satellite television service provider, blowing all other options, like GOtv, StarTimes, and Trend TV, out of the water. 

And if you are planning on getting one for yourself, your number one concern would be 

the Dstv subscription price

How much are you paying for a month’s subscription?

No doubt, they are a Reliable Service that offers extensive channel selection and content, HD and PVR Capabilities, as well as a streaming service called DStv Now. 

But those features are restricted to specific packages. 

So let’s look at all of Dstv packages and price in Nigeria.

Dstv Subscription Price Checklist 

Dstv offer about five packages, each with different channel lineups and pricing. 

  • Premium —Priced at ₦24,500 per month
  • Compact Plus —Priced at ₦16,600 per month
  • Compact —Priced at ₦10,500 per month
  • Confam Package —Priced at ₦6,200 per month
  • Yanga Package —Priced at ₦3,500 per month
  • Padi Package —Priced at ₦2,500 per month

Below is the comprehensive listing of these packages and what they have in store for you.

The Complete List Of Dstv Packages And Price In Nigeria 

But remember, this is a 2023 update —as it could change in years to come. So endeavor to visit their official website or probably contact their customer service. 

1. The Premium Package

DStv’s Premium subscription is the most comprehensive package on this satellite television service.

It is a top-tier offering from DStv for those who want to immerse themselves in the ultimate entertainment experience. 

This is what you get from this plan:

  • 160-plus TV Channels
  • All 16 available supersport channels
  • Latest blockbuster movies
  • 38 High Definition Channels
  • 53 Audio Channels
  • Showmax at no extra cost
  • Award-winning series
  • Additional movie pop-up channels

And you are only paying ₦24,500 per month or ₦269,500 annually. Yet you can consume and share content in up to 2 decoders and 2 streaming devices. 

Opting for a yearly plan also gets you all the goodies from each month’s package —the channels, live TV, and on-demand content online.

On top of that, you can download shows to your mobile devices and personal computer. 

NOTE: The Premium package gives you the best of everything Dstv offers. And it isn’t a rigid plant. You can choose not to subscribe or go for a lesser package the following month. 

2. The Compact Plus Package 

If you can’t get the Premium, indeed, the Compact Plus package is one to consider. 

It is like the immediate brother to the premium with ALMOST the same resembles in its package. 

The available channels are where you see this plan cut corners. You have:

  • 145+ TV Channels
  • 30 High Definition Channels
  • 53 Audio Channels
  • Showmax at a discount
  • Best Nigerian TV shows & Africa Magic channels 
  • Best football coverage, including UFC, Champions League, other Top international football Leagues, UFC, and NBA
  • Award-winning documentaries and more

All at a discount ₦16,600 fee per month. You can also subscribe annually for this package at  ₦182,600 and retain your monthly goodies. 

However, you can watch on up to 3 decoders instead of 2 from the premium package. 

Aside from that, you can share your plan on up to two streaming devices, with an option to download shows. 

3. The Compact Package 

The compact Package is by far the most popular plan in Nigeria, most done by the average homes. 

While it doesn’t offer an ocean of channels and other high-end features, be careful, you can still turn to a potato couch for this price point. 

With only ₦10,500, you got to witness:

  • Only 20 High Definition Channels
  • Live Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and WWE Legends matches
  • The blockbuster movies 
  • A wide selection of the Best local and international news 
  • International and Nigerian movies, reality shows, music, and lifestyle channels. 
  • All kids and educational channels

This package is not too exciting, mainly if you are coming out from pricier plans.

The affordability is what attracts customers, plus a 3 decoder and 2 streaming devices share. And you get to download some of your favorite shows to your smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Unfortunately, you will lose many channels and be ripped off some premium benefits. But you can’t complain at this price point. 

4. The Confam Package 

If you are on a budget and still want to enjoy family time, then the DStv Confam is one to consider. 

You get:

  • 10 High Definition channels
  • 105+ TV Channels: Reality, Lifestyle, music, documentaries, La Liga, Serie A, Europa League 
  • More news, kids, movies, series, dramas, and novellas channels
  • High Definition Channels
  • 11 Audio Channels
  • Showmax at a discount

Yet, you only pay ₦6,200 per month and ₦68,200 per year.  It also allows you to watch on up to 3 shared decoders and share on 2 streaming devices.

And you still have to privilege to download your favorite shows to your smartphone, tablets, and PC.

It is not everyone’s favorite, but it certainly can fit everyone’s budget. 

5. The Yanga Package

Sit relevantly amongst the weakest Dstv plans. You only get 85 plus TV Channels but 7 High Definition Channels, 11 Audio Channels, and Showmax at a discount. 

But for this price point, you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

You still have access to the Serie A, La Liga, And premier League games on SuperSport football. 

Not only that, your kids can knock their socks off with some great kids and educational channels. 

There are also loads of channels to enjoy Nollywood and Hollywood movies, reality TV, drama series, gripping international telenovelas, documentaries, local news, and music for only ㅤ

₦3,500 per month.

6. The Padi Package

The ₦2,500 Padi monthly package is the least you get from DStv. 

Not appealing, but you can still make do with the 45-plus TV Channels, including 

thrilling Nollywood movies and dramas, sports highlights across the globe, international telenovelas, incredible wildlife documentaries, music, fun kids’ shows, and international news.

Sadly, there is only one High Definition channel and 11 Audio Channels. But at least you are getting some great entertainment.


So those are the list of DStv packages and prices in Nigeria. 

There are six to select from. You can compare, deselect a package for another, and pick the one that suits your budget the most. 

You will get loads of channels from either of these plans, but the more you are willing to pay; the more channels and exclusive benefits you get.

I also want to touch on the DStv installation. 

If you just got yours and need help installing it, it is best to get a DStv installer. 

They charge around ₦2,000  to ₦20,000 depending on your location, the complexity of your house wiring, and other factors.