Does GoTV Show Premier League?

The English Premier League (EPL) is the most competitive and the most-watched club football league among Europe’s top five leagues. Many football lovers – who are new GoTV users – usually ask if GoTV show Premier League matches.

Many new and prospective GoTV users want to know if they will be able to watch their favorite clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. play at weekends.

GoTV does show some football matches, but do they show Premier League matches? This question is what this article will answer in detail.

Does GoTV Show Premier League?

YES! GoTV shows live Premier League matches on Saturdays and Sundays. Supersport Select 2 is the channel to watch English Premier League matches. But one thing you should know is that not all EPL matches are shown on this GoTV channel – only selected matches are shown.

The Supersport Select 2 channel that shows live Premier League matches is only available on the GoTV Max and GoTV Supa packages. Once you have an active subscription on either of your GoTV Max or GoTV Supa decoder, you will be able to view live Premier League games.

If you are on other GoTV packages, you may be restricted from watching live Premier League matches because these other packages don’t have a dedicated channel (Supersport Select 2) that shows the matches. For you to enjoy viewing Premier League matches, you should consider getting either the GoTV Max or GoTV Supa packages and do a subscription on it.

Which GoTV Channels Show the Premier League?

As stated up there, the dedicated GoTV channel that shows Premier League is Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32).

So at weekends that most English Premier League matches are played, just tune in to Channel 32 on GoTV to watch. You shouldn’t expect to watch all EPL matches on this channel because it only shows selected matches.

How to Check If Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32) Will Show A Premier League Match

To check if Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32) will show a Premier League match (probably that of your favorite club) on GoTV, visit the official Supersport website. Visit this website at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) when EPL matches are mostly played.

Once you are on the Supersport website, search for “Supersport Select 2 schedule for the day”.

If there is a Premier League match coming up on either Saturday or Sunday and if it will be shown on GoTV Supersport Select 2, you will get to know from the website.

So this is how to know if Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32) on GoTV will show a Premier League match.

Does GoTV Show La Liga?

La Liga is the Spanish club football league. It is the second most watched club football league in the world. And YES! GoTV show La Liga matches – though selected matches only. According to GoTV, the full complement of La Liga matches is available on the GoTV MAX package. The sport channel dedicated to air these La Liga matches is SuperSport Select 4 – a relatively new channel – on GoTV MAX.

Does GoTV Show Serie A?

YES! GoTV show Seria A. The Italian club football league is known as Seria A and GoTV air their matches. The dedicated channels showing these matches are GoTV Channel 31 and GoTV Channel 33. Whenever there is a Seria A match you want to watch, you can tune in to any of these channels on your GoTV Supa or GoTV Max packages to see if it is aired.


For lovers of football who are a fan of one English Premier League club or the other, you can watch EPL matches on your GoTV. The dedicated channel to watch live Premier League matches is Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32) – though this channel only shows selected Premier League matches. You must be on either GoTV Max or GoTV Supa packages and have an active subscription before you can watch Premier League matches on the dedicated channel (Supersport Select 2 – Channel 32).

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