Current 32-inch TV Prices In Nigeria

If you want a TV for your bedroom, a 32-inch television would suit that profile. 

However, since many options have different specifications, you might need to find the particular 32-inch TV that suits your need. 

Well, we have helped you narrow the list by filtering ONLY the best in the market into a list of 32-inch TV prices in Nigeria. 

Don’t worry; you have options from some of the most prominent brands like LG, Samsung, Song, and even Sharp. 

And more importantly, this list fits all budgets. So let’s jump into it. 

List Of 32-inch TV Prices in Nigeria

InchesModelsPrice (₦)
32-InchesSamsung LED HD Television From ₦140,000
32 Inches Samsung Smart Ultra-Slim Full HD TVFrom ₦160,000
32 InchesLG LED HD Television From ₦77,000
32 inchesLG HD LED Satellite Battery Television From ₦155,000
32 Inches Sony LED HD Television From ₦88,000
32 Inches Hisense LED HD Television From ₦83,000
32 InchesHisense Smart HD LED TelevisionFrom ₦122,000
32 Inches JVC Smart HD LED Television From ₦86,000
32 InchesJVC LED HD Television From ₦85,000
32 InchesJVC Smart HD LED TelevisionFrom ₦105,000
32 InchesAmani LED HD TelevisionFrom ₦53,000
32 InchesAmani Smart HD LED TelevisionFrom ₦85,000
32 Inches Panasonic LED HD Television ₦61, 000 – ₦72,000
32 InchesHaier Thermocool Smart HD LED Television From ₦105,000
32-InchesHaier Thermocool LED HD Television From ₦77,000
32-InchesSharp LED HD TelevisionFrom ₦83,000
32-Inches Sharp Smart HD LED Television From ₦105,000
32-InchesScanfrost LED HD Television From ₦72,000
32-InchesBruhm LED HD Television From ₦57,000
32-Inches Bruhm Smart HD LED Television From ₦100, 000
32-InchesRoyal Smart HD LED Television From ₦100, 000
32 InchesRoyal LED HD Television From ₦75, 000
32-Inches Dexter LED HD TelevisionFrom ₦55, 500
32-Inches Maxi LED HD TelevisionFrom ₦83,000
32-InchesTLC LED HD Television From ₦65,000
32-Inches TLC Smart HD LED Television From ₦110,000
32-InchesDamatek LED HD Television From ₦55,000
32-InchesPolystar Smart LED TV ₦159,998 – ₦179,500
32-InchesPolystar SMART CURVED TV ₦111,999 – ₦130,000
32-Inches Polystar Smart Curve Energy Saving Digital TV₦111,900 – ₦129,500
32-InchesUFC Quality, FULL HD LED TV: ₦53,690 – ₦80,000
32-Inches Infinity FULL HD LED TV ₦57,999 – ₦85,000

Things to Consider When Buying 32-inch Television

1. Display Quality

The first and most important feature to rack your brain over is a display technology that will bring the most satisfying viewing experience.

Not all 32-inch TV displays same. Some have Full HD (1080p) resolution that provides crystal  clear and sufficient for your streaming needs. 

However, a 4K UHD TV (2160p) feels 10X better. It offers a more premium experience, but they don’t come cheap. 

The 720p HD variants sit at the bottom. It is not worth the money. 

Are you also getting an LCD, LED, QLED, or OLED display? 

These features also contribute to the picture quality and more. 

OLED TVs, you get better and wider viewing angles. Color (mainly black) tends to pop the way it should, making movies and box sets incredible. 

On top of that, they have a much faster response time and use less power. Meanwhile, the QLED is a mixed experience of the LED and OLED TVs.

LCDs aren’t close and won’t deliver better colors and contrast as the OLED does under most conditions. They are only better in bright light. 

The refresh rate is also one to keep an eye on. 

The higher it is, the smoother the motion displayed. This is SO important for video games or if you plan on watching fast-action content like sports or playing video games.

2. Brand 

The saying “stick to a reputable brand” never gets old. 

It is because there are reasons they are getting return customers. 

They have instilled a sense of trust and reliability. So consumers feel assured in their purchasing decisions with whatever the brand has on the market.

Their reputation precedes them. 

You can’t resist millions of customers’ positive experiences and reviews without wanting to taste them. 

Reputable brands don’t produce crap! It is why people keep chasing after their products. 

3. Budget

And lastly, money! 

What is your budget for a 32-inch TV? 

Indeed, you don’t want to spend more than you can afford. 

The thing is: 

The more premium-packed features the TV has, the more the price will drive high. 

So if your budget can only afford you a 32-inch TV with an LED display and other mediocre features, that is it. 

Or else, you want to leave the market to buy another day with more cash this time. 


We discussed LCD, LED, QLED, and OLED displays. 

But the bitter reality is that it is difficult to get 32-inch OLED 4K TVs with a higher refresh rate, even if that is what you want. 

According to the list of 32-inch TV prices in Nigeria above, you are more likely to get a FULL HD LED display.  

While the OLED displays offers better viewing experience, the LED also delivers a crisp and clear picture —thus making dramas, movies, and sports still enjoy.

And as for the price, we scrapped it out of different reliable retailers in the current market. I expect the price point to shift over time.