Current Kfc Bucket Of Chicken Prices In Nigeria 

If you are not familiar with the KFC bucket of chicken prices in Nigeria, this article will fill you in. 

No doubt, since the arrival of Kentucky Fried Chicken, enjoying REAL, juicy, and FINGER-LICKING chicken meals has been made simple. 

With little on you, you can afford ten crumbling pieces of Chicken right out of the bucket. 

A small KFC bucket of chicken is priced at N5,000 with about six pieces of chicken inside. 

The medium bucket contains about nine pieces for ONLY N7,000. Meanwhile, large buckets are N 9,000 with up to 12 chicken pieces.

Although the price may vary depending on the package, outlet, special deals, or promo. So have that at the back of your mind. But this is what almost every KFC sells. 

Below we will discuss this in detail and price a not-so-exhaustive list of other goodies on the KFC menu, so stay tuned for that. 

Kfc Bucket Of Chicken Prices In Nigeria

Aside from KFC buckets of chicken, they also offer a wide variety of finger-licking foods like Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps, Sides, and drinks.

Some might even come with combo packages or sold separately. But below are the complete packages on every KFC outlets Menus: 

KFC Snacks And Prices

  • KFC Snacker: ₦600
  • KFC French Fries: ₦900+
  • Zinger/Dunked wings: ₦1,100 +
  • Chicken strips: ₦1,300 +
  • Popcorn Chicken: ₦800 +
  • Yamilicious:₦750 +

KFC Streetwise Prices

  • Streetwise One ( one Pepsi Pet Bottle, one Pc COB HC/OR, and one KFC Spicy Rice): ₦1,600
  • Streetwise Two (one Pepsi Pet Bottle, two Pcs COB HC/OR, and one KFC Spicy Rice): ₦2,250
  • Streetwise Three (one Pepsi Pet Bottle, three Pcs COB HC/OR, and one KFC Spicy Rice): ₦2,900

KFC Fill Ups Prices

  • Fill Up One (one Pepsi Pet Bottle, one Pc COB HC/OR, one KFC Spicy Rice, and one Strip): ₦2,250

KFC Sides Nigeria Prices

  • Fiery fries sachet: ₦350
  • Moi Moi: ₦750+
  • Pepper Sauce: ₦750+
  • Dip (mayo): ₦350
  • KFC Spicy Rice: ₦750
  • Vegetables fried rice: ₦900 +

KFC Beverages Nigeria Prices

  • Pepsi Bottle: ₦550+
  • Mirinda (50cl): ₦550
  • 7UP (50cl): ₦550
  • Water: ₦350

KFC Extras Nigeria Prices

  • Regular fries: ₦900
  • Regular vegetable rice: ₦900
  • Regular yam fries: ₦750
  • Large fries: ₦1,000
  • Large Spicy rice: ₦1,000
  • Large yam fries: ₦900
  • Extra-large fries: ₦1,300
  • Extra-large yam fries: ₦1,100

KFC Choices Nigeria Prices

  • Large KFC Spicy Rice: ₦1,000
  • Large Vegetable fried rice: ₦1,000
  • Regular KFC spicy rice: ₦750
  • Regular vegetable fried rice: ₦900

While all these prices were from the KFC menu, I recommend visiting their official website or checking directly with the nearest KFC outlet for more accurate and up-to-date information on the price. 

As I said, many factors could influence their price.

Why Is KFC Bucket Of Chicken So Good, Though?

The motto ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’ is not hype! 

Kentucky Fried Chicken defies all odds that cheap foods aren’t delicious or made with care —that it is just an end means of shoving money into their pocket. 

No wonder they are ahead of the curve. 

And they managed to do this by strictly following these four principles:

  • Their Chicken is harvested Fresh
  • Made the hard but most delicious way
  • And tagged at an affordable price

NOTHING can beat these combinations. 

So how do KFC make their hand-beaded, freshly prepared chickens? 

The process begins with a severe inspection of each fresh batch of chicken. Then each piece is carefully rolled and drenched seven times in their secret blend of eleven herbs and spices before being rocked seven times.

And if you notice, after being fried, KFC’s chicken still reserves all its great taste. Well, that is because they are pressure-cooked at a low temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Determines The Price Of Kfc Buckets Of Chicken In Nigeria?

I can’t point out what REALLY drives the price of KFC buckets of chicken. But I’m confident it has something to do with the cost of ingredients. 

KFC uses up to 11 spices and herbs.  Labor cost also has a say in this as the overhead cost. 

Overhead costs such as utilities, rents, and marketing are all considered. 

Lastly, the size of a bucket of chicken also plays a significant role. 

How Much Is Kfc 5 In 1 Meal Box?

KFC’s finger-licking good 5-in-1 Meal Box ONLY costs ₦2,000 in all outlets in Nigeria. 

What you get right in the box are: 

  • Zinger Burger
  • One pcs of hot and crispy chicken made with the original recipe
  • Regular chips
  • Two pcs of zinger wings or soft twirl ice cream 
  • 35cl Pepsi

All in one box to leave your stomach BIG and HAPPY! 

How To Save Money On KFC Buckets Of Chicken In Nigeria?

Leverage promo days and discount offers whenever the ads pop up. 

This is the best time to save money and squirrel away a few bucks. 

Here are a few tips that keep you ahead of the curve: 

1.  Keep An Eye Out For KFC Coupons And Promotions: these could be ads on coupon websites, newspapers, or magazines. 

KFC always goes public anytime it is happening. But the easiest way to be at the forefront of the deal is by following them on all their social media handles or signing up for KFC’s mailing list. 

2. Opt For Combo Options: taking advantage of value meals with sides and drinks puts more on your table with little money instead of buying individual buckets of chicken. 

3. Install Their Mobile App Or Check Their Official Website. You don’t know how many times I have bombed into an exclusive discount on KFC online. 

For some reason, they shower special online-only deals and provide digital coupons. 


Despite KFC’s affordable prices, they DIDN’T sacrifice their taste or health. 

You can go to any of their outlets to get dinner on the go. Their services are satisfactory as we ALWAYS feel better after each bite. 

So eat as much Kentucky Fried Chicken as possible. You never know when the price could go up. 

Nothing is permanent as long as Food chains are concerned. 

They always stay competitive and try to make good business. So you never know.