Current Slot Phones And Prices In Nigeria

I mean, who doesn’t know SLOT in Nigeria? 

Like 3CHub and Callus Miller, Slot Nigeria Limited is amongst the leading brands that sell original mobile phones and accessories DIRECTLY from the manufacturer, backed with a warranty. 

They have an array of devices to choose from–whether old, not-so-old, or new models. And they NEVER run out of stock. 

However, today’s blog focuses on the most in-demand Slot phones and prices in Nigeria –from reputable brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Infinix, Tecno, and many more. 

It will be an exhaustive list, so let’s immediately jump into it. 

List Of Slot Phones And Prices In Nigeria

NOTE: The price of these devices could fluctuate over time due to erratic exchange rates. Also, you might notice some of the brand’s product line isn’t complete. 

1. SLOT Nigeria Apple Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
iPhone 13 Single SIM512GBN762,000 – N765,000
iPhone 13 Single SIM256GBN621,000 – N623,000
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM512GBN901,000 – N904,000
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM256GBN759,000 – N763,000
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM1TBN1,030,000 – N1,035,000
iPhone 13 Pro Max Dual SIM—-N1,113,000 – N1,120,000
iPhone 12 Pro Single SIM256GB653,000 – N655,000
iPhone 12 Mini Single SIM64GBN418,000 – N420,000

2. SLOT Samsung Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Samsung AKG Handsfree                     —N3,500 – N4,000
Samsung Galaxy A022GB/32GBN51,000 – N53,000
Samsung Galaxy A023GB/64GBN60,000 – N62,000
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core2GB/32GB N49,000 – N51,000
Samsung Galaxy A03s3GB/32GB N66,000 – N68,000
Samsung Galaxy A124GB/128GBN88,000 – N90,000
Samsung Galaxy A224GB/128GBN116,000 – N118,000
Samsung Galaxy A22 4GB/64GBN106,000 – N108,000
Samsung Galaxy S218GB/256GB N479,000 – N485,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE6GB/126GBN380,000 – N383,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE8GB/256GBN420,000 – N423,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus8GB/256GBN562,000 – N565,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 12GB/256GBN693,000 – N700,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 16GB/512GBN753,000 – N760,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S76GB/128GBN415,000 – N418,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+6GB/128GBN514,000 – N517,000
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 N559,000 – N565,000

3. SLOT Huawei Phones

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Huawei Y9sN115,000 – N117,000
Huawei Y9 Prime4GB/128GBN100,000 – N102,000
Huawei Y8p6GB/128GBN122,000 – N124,000
Huawei Y7P4GB/64GBN76,000 – N78,000
Huawei Y7a 20214GB/128GBN108,000 – N110,000
Huawei Nova Y60 4GB/128GBN113,000 – N115,000
Huawei Nova 9 8GB/128GB N269,000 – N271,000
Huawei Nova 7i8GB/128GBN143,000 – N145,000

4. SLOT Infinix Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Infinix Note 30 VIP 12GB/256 GB 233,000
Infinix Note 30 Pro 8GB/256 GB N175,900
Infinix Note 30 5G 8GB/256 GB N146,500
Infinix Note 30 8GB/128 GBN133,000
Infinix Note 30i 8GB/256GB N125,000
Infinix Hot 30 8GB/128 GBN82,000
Infinix Hot 30i —–N75,000
Infinix Zero Ultra8GB/256 GB355,500
Infinix Zero X Pro8GB/256GBN190,000 – N192,000
Infinix Zero X8GB/128GBN151,000 – N153,000
Infinix Zero 8 N129,000 – N131,000
Infinix Zer0 5G8GB/ 128GBN169,000 – N171,000
Infinix Smart HD 32GBN46,000 – N48,000
Infinix Smart 5 2GB/32GBN49,000 – N51,000
Infinix Smart 5 (4G)2GB/32GBN53,000 – N55,000
Infinix Note 11i4GB/64GBN89,000 – N91,000
Infinix Note 11 Pro 8GB/128GBN138,000 – N140,000
Infinix Note 11 4GB/128GBN108,000 – N110,000
Infinix Note 10 Pro  8GB/128GBN128,000 – N130,000
Infinix Note 10 6GB/128GBN105,000 – N107,000
Infinix Note 10 4GB/64GBN89,000 – N91,000
Infinix Note 10 4GB/128GBN94,000 – N96,000
Infinix Hot 11 Play4GB/64GB N75,000 – N76,000
Infinix Hot 11 Play4GB/128GBN79,000 – N81,000
Infinix Hot 11  4GB/128GBN89,000 – N91,000
Infinix Hot 10i 2GB/64GBN66,000 – N68,000
Infinix Hot 10i  2GB/32GBN59,000 – N61,000

5. SLOT Nokia Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Nokia X208GB/128GB (5G)N177,000 – N180,000
Nokia X106GB/128GBN137,000 – N139,000
Nokia T204GB/64GBN118,000 – N120,000
Nokia G20 4GB/64GB N81,000 – N83,000
Nokia G204GB/128GB N88,000 – N90,000
Nokia G10 4GB/64GBN71,000 – N73,000
Nokia G103GB/32GBN65,000 – N67,000
Nokia C303GB/64GBN66,000 – N68,000
Nokia C303GB/32GBN63,000 – N65,000
Nokia C302GB/32GBN60,000 – N62,000
Nokia C202GB/16GBN47,000 – N49,000
Nokia 8.38GB/128GBN168,000 – N170,000
Nokia C1 (2nd Edition)N35,000 – N37,000
Nokia C1N35,000 – N37,000
Nokia C101GB/32GB N41,000 – N43,000

6. SLOT Tecno Phones

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Tecno Spark GON53,000 – N55,000
Tecno Spark 8P4GB/64GBN78,000 – N80,000
Tecno Spark 8P4GB/128GBN87,000 – N89,000
Tecno Spark 82GB/64GBN63,000 – N65,000
Tecno Spark 7 3GB/64GBN67,000 – N69,000
Tecno Spark 7 2GB/32GBN56,000 – N58,000
Tecno POVA Neo LE64GB/64GB N71,000 – N73,000
Tecno POVA LE8 8GB/128GBN147,000 – N149,000
Tecno POVA 5G 8GB/128GBN147,000 – N150,000
Tecno POP 5P2GB/32GBN49,000 – N51,000
Tecno POP 5 Pro2GB/32GBN51,000 – N53,000
Tecno POP 5 GO1GB/16GBN35,000 – N37,000
Tecno POP 52GB/32GBN45,000 – N47,000
Tecno POP 5 1GB/16GBN40,000 – N42,000
Tecno POP 4 Pro1GB/16GBN43,000 – N45,000
Tecno POP 3 —-N35,000 – N37,000
Tecno POP 2f —-N32,000 – N34,000
Tecno Phantom X 8GB/256GBN235,000 – N237,000
Tecno Camon 16 4GB/128GBN83,000 – N85,000
Tecno Camon 18P8GB/128GB N128,000 – N130,000
Tecno Camon 18i 4GB/128GBN83,000 – N85,000
Tecno Camon 17P 6GB/128GBN107,000 – N109,000
Tecno Camon 17 pro 8GB/256GBN140,000 – N142,000
Tecno Camon 18 4GB/128GBN102,000 – N104,000
Tecno Camon 18 Premier 8GB/256GBN182,000 – N185,000
Tecno Camon 20 N145,000

7. SLOT Xiaomi Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 8GB/128GBN139,000 – N141,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s6GB/128GBN132,000 – N134,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note 116GB/128GBN116,000 – N118,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note 114GB/128GBN106,000 – N108,000
Xiaomi Redmi 9C4GB/128GBN79,000 – N81,000
Xiaomi Redmi 9C3GB/64GBN72,000 – N74,000
Xiaomi Redmi 9A2GB/32GBN52,000 – N54,000
Xiaomi Redmi 106GB/128GBN100,000 – N102,000
Xiaomi Redmi 10 4GB/64GBN89,000 – N91,000
Xiaomi Note 10s8GB/128GBN137,000 – N139,000
Xiaomi Note 10s 6GB/128GBN128,000 – N130,000

8. SLOT Oppo Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Oppo Reno 5F8GB/128GBN139,000 – N141,000
Oppo Reno 58GB/128GBN199,000 – N201,000
Oppo A746GB/128GBN136,000 – N138,000
Oppo A554GB/64GBN109,000 – N111,000
Oppo A544GB/64GBN96,000 – N98,000
Oppo A544GB/128GBN107,000 – N109,000
Oppo A534GB/64GBN89,000 – N91,000
Oppo A16K 4GB/64GBN86,000 – N88,000

9. SLOT Gionee Phones

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Gionee M126GB/128GBN83,000 – N85,000
Gionee M156GB/ 128GBN92,000 – N94,000
Gionee M158GB/128GBN109,000 – N111,000
Gionee P15 Pro3GB/64GBN63,000 – N65,000
Gionee S12 Lite3GB/32GBN54,000 – N56,000

10. SLOT Vivo Phones 

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Vivo Y53s8GB/128GBN131,000 – N133,000
Vivo Y33s8GB/128GBN109,000 – N111,000
Vivo Y214GB/64GBN87,000 – N89,000
Vivo Y204GB/64GBN89,000 – N91,000
Vivo Y203GB/64GB N79,000 – N81,000
Vivo Y1S2GB/32GBN52,000 – N54,000
Vivo V218GB/128GBN189,000 – N191,000
Vivo V21e 8GB/128GBN141,000 – N143,000
Vivo Y12s3GB/32GBN69,000 – N71,000
Vivo Y15s3GB/32GBN69,000 – N71,000

SLOT iTel Phones And Prices

Phone ModelsRAM/ROMPrice (₦)
Itel S17 1GB/16GBN42,000 – N44,000
Itel P37 Pro2GB/32GB 4GN52,000 – N54,000
Itel P372GB/32GB N47,000 – N49,000
Itel P161GB/16GBN29,000 – N31,000
Itel A56—-N35,000 – N37,000
Itel A37—-N31,000 – N33,000
Itel A33 Plus1GB/16GBN27,000 – N29,000
Itel A25 Pro2GB/32GBN35,000 – N37,000
Itel A16 Plus1GB/8GBN25,000 – N27,000
Itel A14 Plus512MB/16GBN21,000 – N23,000


Again, SLOT offers more than just this. 

They have the latest models of each product line up and offer repair services. 

Moreover, their prices are quite affordable than most vendors. 

But, if you are on a tight budget, you can apply for SLOT buy now pay later.

SLOT only needs a Valid ID card, workplace address, residence address, four trusted contacts (2 males and 2 females), and debit card from you to activate the deal.