Does Zenith Bank Support PayPal?

PayPal is the biggest and most extensively used online payment platform that works in many countries around the world. But for some years now, it has been difficult using PayPal in Nigeria and this has been a cause for concern for people who frequently make and receive payments online — even though there are alternatives.

There are questions as to if some Nigerian banks support PayPal. In this article, our discussion will be based on whether Zenith Bank — the most capitalized bank in Nigeria — supports PayPal or not.

Does Zenith Bank Support PayPal?

To simply answer this question, Yes! Zenith Bank supports PayPal and this is made possible by their cards — Zenith MasterCard and Visa Card. You can use either of these cards to verify your PayPal account.

The Zenith bank MasterCard and Visa Card are designed to work with online payment platforms and they both support PayPal. If your PayPal account has not yet been verified and you have either of the two cards (as a Zenith Bank customer), you can use it to verify your account and it won’t be declined.

After the successful verification of your PayPal account with the Zenith bank card, it won’t be wise of you to start receiving a huge amount of funds just so soon. Doing this will put your account at the risk of being suspended even if the funds are gotten from legitimate means.

PayPal is stringent when it comes to sanctioning newly verified accounts receiving a big amount of money. In order to avoid this, ensure you start by receiving a smaller amount of money, let’s say $50. Then over time, you can receive higher amount of money without risking the suspension of your account.


Does Zenith Bank support PayPal? Yes! Zenith Bank is among the top Nigerian banks that support PayPal. Zenith Bank support PayPal through its MasterCard and Visa Card which you can use to verify your PayPal account.

Not all Nigerian banks support PayPal, meaning if you are a Zenith Bank user who is planning to open a new PayPal account, you can be rest assured your new account will get verified.

What is Zenith Bank MasterCard Limit?

The exact limit of Zenith Bank MasterCard is unknown, though you can confirm from the customer care of the bank. To be on a safer side, just like I have stated above, it is advisable you don’t start receiving big amount of money right away in your PayPal account after verification. Start by receiving smaller amount; for instance, $50, $100.

If there is the need for you to withdraw a higher amount up to $2,000 or $3,000 another alternative you can try out is to use a PayPal account that has been verified with a USA virtual card or maybe open a Zenith Bank Dollar account. You won’t go wrong with any of these alternatives and it will keep you on a safer side.

How do I get a Zenith Bank dollar card?

There is more than one way by which you can request for a Zenith Bank dollar card as a customer, in fact, you don’t have to visit the bank branch. To obtain the virtual card, you can use internet banking, dial *966*2273# and following the prompts, or by clicking this link to request for a virtual card from the bank.

What is the difference between Visa card and Verve card?

The major difference between both cards is that Visa card is accepted all over the world while Verve card is not. However, the Visa card has a spending limit, though this can always be increased based on the card owner’s request. The card that is most similar to Visa card is Mastercard – in fact, these two cards are basically the same with the only difference being the change of name.

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