Does Kuda Bank Have Branches?

Kuda Bank revolutionized and simplified banking services in Nigeria. The bank does this by giving verified users an account number and allowing them to carry out financial transactions all on their smartphone with the Kuda app.

You can send and receive money, pay for utilities, and even take a loan through the mobile app. But in comparison with conventional banks that have branches across Nigeria, does Kuda Bank have branches? This article aims to provide an answer to this question.

Does Kuda Bank Have Branches in Nigeria? 

Without mincing words, NO! Kuda Bank does not have any physical branch in Nigeria. Kuda Bank is a virtual (or online-only) bank whose services are only accessible through its mobile app known as the Kuda app. Kuda Bank operates digitally and has eliminated the need to have physical branches across Nigeria – it is the first Nigerian bank to operate in this way.

Kuda Bank is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 796975 and also fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as an online bank. Going by this, Kuda Bank has no physical branch across Nigeria, unlike conventional banks.

To become a Kuda Bank account holder, all you need to do is simply download the Kuda app for your smartphone (Android or iOS), register, and get verified. Once you’re registered and verified, you have become a bonafide Kuda Bank customer and can access any of the bank’s services anywhere in Nigeria using its mobile app.

All regular banks in Nigeria have branches at different locations across the country and the reason for these branches, aside from offering transactional services, is to assist their customers in resolving account-related issues. Also, customers can also make inquiries from these branches and get a valuable response.

While Kuda Bank does not have any physical branch anywhere, it knows that it is possible for its customers to encounter issues they need solutions to or have enquiries they need response for. Hence, Kuda bank has made available three different contact channels you can use to contact them if you have any issue you want to resolve or enquiry to make.

Below are the contact channels you can use to resolve any issue with your Kuda Bank account (if any):

  • In-app chat

On your Kuda app is a chat function that you can use to chat with a Kuda Bank customer care representative to resolve any issue at all relating to your account or to make an enquiry. Just launch the Kuda app, locate the in-app chat and then use it to chat up a Kuda customer care agent.

  • Kuda Bank customer care number

The customer care number to call in case you have an enquiry to make or an issue to resolve on your account is 01-633-5832.

  • Kuda Bank email address

As a Kuda Bank customer, the Kuda Bank email address to mail is You can send a mail to this address to resolve a complaint or make enquiries/request.

Even though Kuda Bank does not have physical branches, it still has three head offices: one situated in Lagos, Nigeria and the other two located in London, United Kingdom.

Kuda Bank Head Office address:

151, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Kuda Bank Head offices in the United Kingdom

5, New St Square, London, United Kingdom.

Finsbury Pavement, City Rd, Finsbury, United Kingdom.


Kuda Bank does not have branches in Nigeria, unlike regular banks. The bank only has an online presence and operates digitally in Nigeria. Kuda Bank caters to the banking needs of smartphone users through its mobile app.

If you have any issue to resolve or want to make any enquiry, you can contact Kuda Bank using the channels above. Though with no physical branch, Kuda Bank’s head offices are situated in Lagos, Nigeria, and London, the United Kingdom as stated above.

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