Can I Use Neteller in Nigeria?

Neteller is an electronic money transfer service that allows you to do special transactions like withdrawals, deposits, cryptocurrency payments, and general online payments.

Neteller is one of the most popular electronic money transfer services in the world and is used by millions around the globe one of the best things about the Neteller service is that sign-up is completely free. You can easily sign up without paying a dime. 

Can I use Neteller in Nigeria?

Neteller works in Nigeria and can be used for certain purposes like funding betting accounts, purchasing game items, sending and receiving money domestically online, and carrying out crypto transactions.

A lot of Nigerians use electronic money transfer services like Kuda, Opay, Palmpay e.t.c these days and Neteller is one of the many e-money transfer services they use although it is not as popular as the ones mentioned previously.

The only setback Nigerians have on Neteller is that Nigeria isn’t listed among its international money transfer countries. This means we can’t send money abroad using Neteller or receive from abroad using Neteller.

How can I use Neteller in Nigeria?

The only way you can use Neteller in Nigeria is by signing up or creating a Neteller account. Creating a Neteller account is free of charge. You might be asking, how do you sign up? You can download the Neteller app then click on sign up after opening the app or you can go to Neteller’s website ( to sign up or register. While signing up, a few details will be asked for;

  • Your names (first and last Name)
  • Country
  • Currency, etc.

After signing up, you will have access to limited Neteller services. Neteller services are limited when you sign up newly, you have to do a verification process to be able to access the full Neteller services. The verification process is to confirm your identity. For the verification you will be asked for a few things;

  • Your passport photo or your picture
  • A picture or digital file of one of your valid IDs (e.g. voters card, National identity card, driver’s license)
  • Other relevant information.

Once you’ve finished signing up and completing the verification process, your account will be limitless and you will be able to use Neteller services in Nigeria.

How can I download the Neteller App?

You can simply download the Neteller App from an app store on your phone. For Android users, you can get it on the Google Playstore while I-Phone Users can get it from the Apple App store. Just enter your app store then enter ‘Neteller’ on the search bar, it will load and the Neteller App pops up. Click on download or install. Wait for the downloading process to be completed. After it has been completed, the app automatically appears on your phone’s desktop.

What payment methods does Neteller accept?

For funding your Neteller e-money account or sending money using Neteller, only MasterCard and Visa ATM cards are accepted by Neteller.

What is the transaction limit on Neteller?

When your account is unverified, your transaction limit is below 20,000 dollars in all (from both deposits and money transfers altogether). After verifying your account, your transaction limit is raised to 50,000 dollars.

Can you send money internationally using Neteller?

Sending money internationally using Neteller is very possible but there are a few limitations to this like:

  • There are specific countries where international transfers are available.
  • Your Neteller account must be verified to send money internationally.
  • Neteller charges few fees for unlisted currency conversions.

Aside from these few limitations, all other things concerning Neteller’s international money transfer are very smooth.

Must I verify my Neteller account?

Verifying your Neteller account isn’t compulsory but there are a lot of benefits when your account is verified. For example;

  • You can receive more money and send more money as verified accounts have higher transaction limits.
  • You will be free of the risk of your account being restricted.
  • You will be free of the risk of having your Neteller account frozen or permanently closed
  • You will be able to withdraw money from your Neteller account to your bank directly with a verified Neteller account.
  • You can apply for the Net+ Card. 

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