Current Gig Logistics Price List In Nigeria

Whenever we want to haulage a product within or outside the country, Gig logistics is ALWAYS the go-to option —probably because they are the biggest and leading logistics service provider in Africa.

If this is your first time using them, you might not be too familiar with their pricing. 

The good news is: they are pretty affordable, despite their undented reputation for quality and flexible deliveries. 

But beyond this section lies the exhaustive Gig Logistics Price list in Nigeria. So buckle up! 

Gig Logistics Price List in Nigeria (Special Shipment)

FromToType of goodsWeight in KgHome delivery priceTerminal pick up price
LagosAbujaLight documentNA₦4500₦3800
LagosPort HarcourtLight documentNA₦4500₦3800
LagosUyoLight documentNA₦4500₦3800
LagosIbadanLight documentNA₦4000₦3300

Gig Logistics Price List (Non-Special Shipment)

FromToType of goodsWeight in KgHome delivery priceTerminal pick up price
LagosAbujaRegular goods1₦1749 + ₦700₦1749
LagosAbujaRegular goods2₦2058 + ₦700₦2058
LagosAbujaRegular goods5₦2852 + ₦700₦2852
LagosAbujaRegular goods10₦4175 + ₦700₦4175
LagosIbadanRegular goods1₦1499 + ₦700₦1499
LagosIbadanRegular goods5₦2602+ ₦700₦2602

Gig Motors Price List Of Lagos And Abuja

  • Lagos To Other Nigerian Cities
  • Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) to Abuja (Utako) – ₦10,050
  • Lagos (Ajah) to Abuja (Utako) – ₦10,150
  • Lagos to Warri – ₦6,150
  • Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) to Asaba – ₦7,150
  • Lagos to Auchi – ₦6,050
  • Lagos to Port Harcourt – ₦7,650
  • Lagos to Umuahia – ₦8,650
  • Lagos to Owerri – ₦8,450
  • Lagos to Aba price – ₦8,850
  • Lagos to Enugu – ₦7,750
  • Lagos to Awka – ₦7,650
  • Lagos to Uyo – ₦8,450
  • Lagos to Kaduna – ₦10,250
  • Lagos to Yenagoa – ₦7,750
  • Lagos to Jos – ₦9, 950

Abuja To Other Nigerian Cities

  • Abuja to Owerri – ₦8,850
  • Abuja to Port Harcourt – ₦8,950
  • Abuja to Enugu – ₦6,000
  • Abuja to Warri – ₦7,250
  • Abuja to Awka – ₦7,250
  • Abuja to Lagos – ₦7,850
  • Abuja to Uyo – ₦8,850
  • Abuja to Benin (Akpakpava) – ₦6,750
  • Abuja to Ekpoma – ₦6,600

God Is Good Motors Price List

Surprisingly, the company also provides intercity and intracity bus services called “God Is Good Motors” (GIGM). 

And they have clearly deminated the Nigerian Transportation Industry offering more safer, peaceful, and comfortable travel options for passengers. 

Here is a table of their pricing for various destinations.  

Destination (From Lagos To)Price (₦)
Kaduna (Abuja Road Camp and Kaduna)Regular: ₦11,300First class: ₦13,000
Abuja (Utako)Regular: ₦11,000First class: ₦13,000
Rivers (Tai LGA camp and Port Harcourt)Regular: ₦9,500First class: ₦10,500
Delta (Anocha, Warri, and Asaba)  Regular: ₦7,900First class: ₦9,000
Akwa Ibom (Uyo)Regular: ₦9,300First class: ₦13,000
Edo (Uselu, Auchi, Akpakpava, and Ekpoma)Regular: ₦7,000First class: ₦9,000
Bayelsa (Yenegoa)Regular: ₦8,500
Abia (Umuahia, Bende LGA Camp & Aba)First class: ₦10,100
Imo (Owerri)Regular: ₦8,500First class: ₦9,200
Anambra (Awka)Regular: ₦8,500First class: ₦9,500
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: ₦8,500First class: ₦9,600
From FCT Abuja toPrice (₦)
Lagos ( Cele/Okota, Ajah, Akowonjo, Festac, Ikotun, Old Ojo Road, Oyingbo, Iyana Ipaja, Jibowu, and Volks)Regular: ₦11,300First class: ₦12,000
Rivers (Port Harcourt)Regular: ₦10,900First class: ₦12,300
Delta (Warri & Asaba)Regular: ₦8,500First class: ₦10,000
Edo (Akpakpava, Uselu, and Ekpoma)Regular: ₦8,300First class: ₦9,700
Abia (Aba, and Umuahia)Regular: ₦10,500First class: ₦13,000
Imo (Owerri)Regular: ₦9,300First class: ₦10,800
Anambra (Awka)Regular: ₦9,300First class: ₦10,300
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: ₦8,300First class: ₦10,000
Edo ToPrice (₦)
FCT AbujaRegular: ₦8,000First class: ₦9,100
LagosRegular: ₦6,400First class: ₦7,200
From Imo toPrice (₦)
AbujaRegular: ₦8,700First-class: ₦11,600
LagosRegular: ₦7,600First class: ₦8,700
From Anambra ToPrice (₦)
AbujaRegular: ₦6,800First class: ₦7,800
LagosRegular: ₦6,800First class: ₦9,600
From Awka Ibom ToPrice (₦)
FCT AbujaRegular: ₦9,400First class: ₦11,800
LagosRegular: ₦9,100First class: ₦11,000
From Bayelsa (Yenagoa) toPrice (₦)
FCT AbujaRegular: 7,800First class: ₦9,500
LagosRegular: 6,800First class: ₦7,800

How Can You Track Your Package With GIG Logistics?

And one last thing: tracking. 

You would also love to watch your goods as it travels.

An excellent way to do this is by using GIG Logistics Online Tracking.  

But first, you have to register. You MUST register the shipment when it is in any GIG Logistics branches around you or when picked from your home. 

Either way, an agent will ask for your credentials, like your name, the name of the receiver, the name of the item, contact number, email, destination, etc.

All the details given will be dialed into the GIG database. Then you will receive a tracking code (a waybill number) and the shipment details in your inbox. 

The next step is to visit the GIG Logistics tracking page. 

Follow this URL:

In the “Input tracking ID/ Alphacode” search bar, type in your tracking number and click the “track” button. 

It will unveil every detail about the shipment. And you can practically see it as it moves through states. 


So that is it! 

That is all for the Gig Logistics price list. 

You should know by now that Gig Logistics stands for “God is Good Logistics.” I want to expressly point this out as it is used interchangeably in this article. 

And also, shipment means the parcels are being traveled under GIGL waybill.