Current Oriflame Products And Prices In Nigeria

If I can make one sweeping statement about Oriflame products, it will be: 

Is that this Swedish beauty company has woven nothing but high-quality, natural, and effective skincare and beauty products into the lives of Nigerians. 

It almost feels like if you are not using Oriflame, your skin isn’t glowing!

The brand is paralytically taking the makeup industry by storm.

And today, we will look closely at the majority of Oriflame Products And Prices In Nigeria, from skincare, haircare, and makeup to fragrance and wellness products. 

Oriflame Products And Prices In Nigeria

1. Oriflame Perfume Products

Each Oriflame fragrance will elevate your presence and style. 

FragranceSex Price (₦)
Signature Man Eau de ToilettePerfume For Men₦28,000.00 – ₦26,390.00
Signature For Her ParfumPerfume For Women₦40,000.00 – ₦35,590.00
Possess The Secret Man Eau de ParfumPerfume For Men₦35,000.00 – ₦30,390.00
Posses Absolute Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦35,000.00 – ₦30,390.00
Mister Giordani Aqua Eau de ToilettePerfume For Men₦30,000.00 – ₦26,390.00
Mister Giordani Anti-perspirant Roll-on DeodorantPerfume For Men₦4,500.00 – ₦3,890.00
Magnetista Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦38,000.00 – ₦35,590.00
Infinita Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦28,000.00 – ₦26,390.00
Giordani Gold Woman Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦30,000.00 – ₦28,990.00
Giordani Gold Man Eau de ParfumPerfume For Men₦35,000.00 – ₦28,990.00
Giordani Gold Man Anti-perspirant Roll-On DeodorantPerfume For Men₦4,500.00 – ₦3,890.00
Giordani Gold Essenza Perfumed Body SprayPerfume For Women₦7,000.00 ₦6,990.00
Giordani Gold Essenza PerfumePerfume For Women₦35,000.00 – ₦30,990.00
Giordani Gold Essenza Blossom PerfumePerfume For Women₦40,000.00 – ₦35,590.00
Eclat Style ParfumPerfume For Men₦40,000.00 – ₦35,590.00
Eclat Amour Eau de ToilettePerfume For Women₦20,000.00 – ₦18,990.00
Divine Exclusive Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦40,000.00 – ₦35,590.00
Amber Elixir Mystery Eau de ParfumPerfume For Women₦28,000.00 – ₦26,390.00
All or Nothing PerfumePerfume For Women₦45,000.00 – ₦39,990.00

2. Oriflame Wellness Pack

Yeah, Oriflame got your health covered as well.. 

Each wellness pack has a unique collection of supplements that ensure your overall health is in tip-top condition — from boosting your overall immune system and enhancing your cognitive function to jetting up your energy levels.

Oriflame Wellness PackPrice (₦)
Man Oriflame Wellness Pack ₦45,000.00 – ₦39,990.00
Woman Oriflame wellness pack ₦45,000.00 – ₦39,990.00
Oriflame Feminine Wash₦8,000.00 – ₦7,390.00

3. Oriflame Hair Care Products 

This product line fixes your hair. 

Suppose you want a hair cream that cleanses, conditions, repairs, strengthens, moisturizes, anti-dandruff, color protection, styling and finishing, volume and texturize. In that case, you will get it here:

Hair Care Love Nature Products Price (₦)
Conditioner For Dry Hair ₦7,500.00 – ₦6,990.00
Nourishing Coconut Oil-Hair Growth Oil₦8,500.00 – ₦7,990.00
Organic Shampoo For Dry Hair ₦7,500.00 – ₦6,990.00
Organic Shampoo For Dandruff Control ₦7,500.00 – ₦6,990.00
Hair & Body Oil Sweet Almond Oil₦9,000.00 – ₦7,590.00
Hot Oil For Dry Hair Treatment ₦3,000.00 – ₦2,590.00

4. Oriflame Face Cleansers

You have not just one but five quality Oriflame products that remove impurities, prevents breakouts, improves skin texture, and hydrates your skin.

Face CleansersPrice ( ₦)
Skin smoothing Face Scrub₦7,500.00 – ₦6,690.00
Optimals Exfoliating Face Scrub₦7,500.00 – ₦6,990.00
Men Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser₦7,000.00 – ₦6,490.00
Glow Essentials Face Wash₦6,000.00 – ₦5,290.00
Energising Cleanser ₦7,500.00 – ₦6,990.00

5. Oriflame Skin Care

Just pick one to improve your skin texture and appearance.

NameSex Price (₦)
TENDER CARE Multi-purpose BalmSkin Care For Women₦5,000.00 – ₦4,590.00
NOVAGE Ecollagen Wrinkle Power Skin Care For Women₦20,000.00 – ₦18,690.00
Love Nature Nourishing Body Cream Uni-Sex₦10,000.00 – ₦8,590.00
Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar ScrubSkin Care For Women₦13,000.00 – ₦11,490.00
Milk & Honey Gold nourishing CreamSkin Care For Women₦12,000.00 – ₦11,190.00
Mattifying Face Lotion Oily SkinSkin Care For Women₦7,000.00 – ₦6,590.00
Even Out Night CreamSkin Care For Women₦12,000.00 – ₦10,990.00

6. Oriflame Foundation And Face Powder 

Here are Oriflame most popular products in this sphere;

  • OnColour Power Up Foundation –₦7,490 Plus
  • OnColour Power Powder – ₦7,490 Plus
  • Everlasting Foundation Oriflame – ₦10,890 Plus
  • Metamorphosis Foundation – ₦14,790 Plus
  • MasterCreation Foundation  – ₦16,090 Plus
  • Everlasting Pressed Powder – ₦16,090 Plus
  • Giordani Gold Pressed Powder –₦19,190 Plus


I get it! 

Oriflame products are quite expensive when you can just grab a Dove cream for half the price. 

Well, regarding quality and obtaining faster results, Oriflame products definitely capture the upper hand here. 

They are 10X more effective than most of the hyped-skin-care brands you have in Nigeria. 

But as with any product, patience is key. You don’t expect your skin or face to glow on the first rub. 

You have to nature the habit of tiny skincare routines. 

Also, these prices could vary depending on your location, period of purchase, and the inconsistency in the currency exchange rate.