Current Dulux Paint Price In Nigeria

If you want to revamp your home with some fresh lick of Dulux paint, this article is for you. 

We covered everything from Dulux paint price in Nigeria to the types and why you should actually use this brand. 

Our table below outlined varying levels of shine, and sizes, along with their price tag, so you know precisely what you are getting for that price point. 

So without wasting much of your time, let’s jump right into it.

The Complete List Of Dulux Paint Price In Nigeria

ProductSize (L)Price (₦)
Dulux Gloss
Brilliant White4₦22, 000
Extra Deep4₦26,000
Rich Extra Deep4₦30,000
Dulux Emulsion
Brilliant White4₦15,000
Extra Deep4₦19,000
Rich Extra Deep4₦19,000
Brilliant White20₦69,000
Extra Deep20₦85,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦85,000
Dulux Weathershield Textured
Brilliant White20₦66,000
Extra Deep20₦69,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦81,000
Dulux Weathershield Textured Matt
Brilliant White20₦81,000
Extra Deep20₦86,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦99,000
Dulux Weathershield Ultra Textured
Brilliant White20₦75,000
Extra Deep20₦83,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦92,000
Dulux Weathershield Smooth
Brillant White20₦76,000
Extra Deep20₦74,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦74,000
Dulux Silk Emulsion
Brillant White4₦20,000
Extra Deep4₦23,000
Rich Extra Deep4₦23,000
Brillant White20₦85,000
Extra Deep20₦96,000
Rich Extra Deep20₦96,000
Dulux Eggshell
Brillant White4₦25,000
Extra Deep4₦27,000
Rich Extra Deep4₦27,000

Types Of Dulux Paints

This is where most homeowners and amateur painter fall short. 

They categorize Dulux paints under:

  • Dulux Trade High Gloss
  • Dulux Gloss
  • Dulux Luxurious Silk
  • Dulux Ultra Matt
  • Dulux Water base Enamel
  • Dulux Weather Shield Textured Paint

Unfortunately, those are classified under the actual types of Dulux paints.

Scrolling down, you will understand:

 1. Easycare Paint

Dulux’s Easycare Paint is the most famous finish, ideal for spaces that collect heavy traffic. 

Dulux’s Easycare Paint is stain-repellent, unlike regular paint that puts a showroom for stains. 

And this paint comes in handy for homes with little kids, as dirty fingerprints, crayons, and splashes are the order of the day. 

Most modern Kitchen uses Dulux Easycare Kitchen with greaseproof technology. 

This allows you to wipe off those cooking splatters without hassle while the color quality remains intact.

2. Exterior paint

Under the Dulux Exterior Paints is where you get the popular Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satin or Dulux Weathershield ‘All Weather Protection’ Textured Masonry Paint.

Paints under this genre were designed explicitly for outdoor use. They won’t falter in the face of extreme conditions. 

You can use them on window sills, doors, furniture, sheds, or woodwork.

3. Quick Dry Paint

As the name suggests, paints like this dry fast —like REALLY fast! 

They are one of those lower VOC paints that are safer to work with without compromising durability. 

You have the  Dulux Quick Dry Gloss, Dulux Magic White, and many others for interior painting and they are self-undercoating.

4. Light Reflective Paint

Dulux Light Reflective Paint, also known as Dulux Light + Space, is set to light those dark spaces in the hallways or bathrooms.

They make your room feel brighter and more spacious, working with light-reflective particles that give that effect. And there are about 24 shades to choose from.

Why You Should Buy Dulux Paint

Here are a few reasons why Dulux paints are CLEARLY dominating the market —blowing almost other prominent brands out of the water:

1. Quality And Reputation

Dulux drew attention to themselves after their first official lunch of durable alkyd-based paint in 1931. 

It was a blend of ‘DuPont’ and ‘Luxury’. While it wasn’t a massive hit, it stated how easy and long-lasting painting could have been compared to the competition.

It wasn’t until the 1940s it became the next best thing — slowly rising from the ashes after being bombed twice between 1939 and 1945. 

Decorators and professional painters were recommending Dulux all over the town after discovering it looked 10 times better than its counterparts. 

The quality and performance were everything! Soon it became the country’s leading paint brand. 

And when a professional painter trusts a brand, homeowners like you and I follow. 

Dulux has a strong history that buyers the heart of every painter. 

2. Wide Range of Products

Aside from ticking all the boxes in terms of quality and performance, Dulux offers colossal painting products with over 1,200 Dulux colors to choose from. 

This gives you the confidence to complete any project with the ideal shade under Dulux —whether exterior paint, interior wall paint, woodwork paint, or specialty paint for bathrooms and kitchens. 

3. Quality With Easy Applications

Dulux paint offer SO MUCH quality, yet they are straightforward to apply. 

The paint is forgiving. Even a beginner can enjoy the painting process with a smoother and more enjoyable finish. 

Dulux also provides you with support and resource like product guides,  color tools, and customer service assistance.

This is what puts Dulux ahead of the curve. 

And not only are their products user-friendly, but they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.


And lastly, you should be precise with what you want, especially with the quantity of paint needed for the job. 

 A 500ML Dulux paint would be perfect for interior wood and metal like a door or skirting in a small room.

Meanwhile, if you want to add a fresh lick of paint to a 2.5m interior wall, opt for a 1 LTR. That would do. 

But for a wall with 2x2mx2m or equivalent room, you would want to consider 2.5 LTRs. A medium-sized room with 4mx4m would only drink 5 LTRs of Dulux paint. 

And if you are somewhat skeptical about where to get your paint, use a Dulux Paints Store Locator. It will pull logs of reliable painting stores near you.