Does Kuda Bank Issue ATM Cards?

An ATM card allows the user to withdraw money from both his/her bank’s ATM and other banks’ ATMs. This card also allows the users to carry out other financial transactions both on ATMs and online.

It’s part of the account opening norm for conventional banks to issue an ATM card to its new customers – and also existing customers in case of expiry or loss. Kuda Bank is a digital or online-only bank that offers like-for-like services with what’s obtained in regular banks in Nigeria.

But does Kuda Bank also issue ATM cards to its customers? In this article, we will be giving a direct answer to this question.

Does Kuda Bank Issue ATM Cards?

YES! Kuda Bank issues ATM cards just like regular banks in Nigeria do. After you register and become a verified user, you can request Kuda Bank’s ATM card called Kuda Visa Card.

Kuda Bank issue both digital and physical Visa cards to its customers and this is based on the partnership between Kuda Technologies and Visa – a global digital payments company. According to Kuda, the partnership is geared at driving its offering of independent payment cards for its users.

With your Kuda Visa card, you can withdraw cash from over 3000 ATMs across Nigeria. So this means when you are cash-strapped and need to withdraw money, you just have to simply slot in your Kuda card into the nearest ATM and get your cash. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your Kuda card with the ATMs of regular banks.

Is Kuda Bank ATM card free?

Kuda Visa card is absolutely free to get. Unlike traditional banks, Kuda believes you shouldn’t have to pay to own a debit card. Though the bank demand you have a minimum of #1000 in your account (this will not be debited).

However, if you want to replace your Kuda Visa card, you will have to pay #1,000.

Based on your request, Kuda will send a free ATM card to your address at no cost whatsoever and will never charge you a card maintenance fee.

How do I get a Kuda Bank ATM card?

Getting Kuda Visa card is simple. To request for Kuda card, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Kuda app and tap *Card* at the bottom of your dashboard.
  • Tap on Request a Card.
  • Then tap Get A Physical Card.
  • Create your unique card PIN and tap Next.
  • Enter a delivery address then tap Next.
  • Confirm your preferred delivery address.

How do I activate the Kuda card?

Here is how to activate your Kuda Visa card after receiving it:

  • Log in to your Kuda app and tap Cards at the bottom of your dashboard.
  • Tap on Activate Card.
  • Read the activation instructions shown and tap Activate Card.
  • Input your card number (located on the back of your card) then tap Next.
  • Thereafter your card will be activated.

How long does it take Kuda to deliver ATM card?

Kuda ATM card is not something you’ll get in say three days to a week after you have made a request for it. Kuda Bank says it needs at least two weeks (14 days, 336 hours) to print and deliver the card to your specified address. So after you’ve placed a request for a Kuda ATM card, you’ll have to hold on for two weeks to get it delivered to your address.

How do I block my Kuda card?

In the event that your Kuda Visa card is missing or misplaced, it may be necessary you block it. This is to prevent any fraudulent use of your card by someone else.

In order to block it, follow these simple steps below:

  • Log in to your Kuda app
  • Tap Card.
  • Then simply swipe the Block Card toggle to the right to block it.

In case the card is found, unblock it using the following steps:

  • Log in to your Kuda app
  • Tap Card.
  • Then simply swipe the Block Card toggle to the left to unblock it.


Kuda Bank issue its own ATM cards – in partnership with Visa – and it is free of charge and with zero maintenance fee. You can use Kuda Visa card in the over 3000 ATMs nationwide. Before you can request for Kuda card, you need to have a minimum of #1,000 in your account. After you have made a request, you’ll get the card in two weeks. Activation of the card is done via the Kuda app.

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