Which Town in Nigeria is Famous for Plywood Production?

Plywood is a material, usually supplied in sheets, that is made of three or more thin layers or “plies” of wood veneer glued together. This wooden material is commonly used for different purposes in the construction industry all over the world.

In Nigeria, there are a number of towns notable for the production of wooden materials such as planks, plywood, etc. But which of these towns is the most famous for plywood production? This article has been written to provide a precise answer to this question. Read on to get this answer below.

Which Town in Nigeria is Famous for Plywood Production?

Sapele, located in Delta State, is a town famous for plywood production in Nigeria. The plywood production capacity in Sapele is the largest in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa.

Sapele is a town and Local Government Area in Delta State, southern Nigeria. It is also one of the ports in the Niger Delta situated along the Benin River just below the confluence formed by the Ethiope and Jamieson rivers, a distance of 98 miles (approx. 158 km) from the Escravos Bar and entrance to the Bight of Benin. Sapele also lies on the road heading towards Warri, Ughelli, and Asaba and is connected with the road to Benin City by ferry.

Since the colonial period in Nigeria, precisely since 1925, Sapele has been a center for sawmilling. The wood variants that are been sawmilled in this town are gotten from trees such as Obeche, Sapele, Mahogany, and Abura. The production capacity of Sapele’s plywood and veneer manufacturing plants is the largest in Nigeria and one of the largest in western Africa.

Aside from its expansive sawmilling and massive plywood and veneer manufacturing capacity, Sapele is also known to have rubber plantations in its vicinities.

Is Sapele in Benin?

No, Sapele is not in Benin. It is a town and one of the Local Government Areas of Delta State.

What is Sapele plywood?

The Sapele plywood is a kind of plywood with interlocked and sometimes wavy grain that produces a characteristic roe figure on quartered surfaces. It has medium texture, high luster and known to be light yellow sapwood and pale red to dark reddish brown heartwood. Sapele works easily enough, though its surface is subject to tear when it undergoes planing owing to interlocked grain.

What are the three main types of plywood?

The three main types of plywood are the three-ply, five-ply, and multi-ply, with three-ply being the most common type. Three-ply is strong, durable, and has a more decorative appearance than other types of plywood. Five-ply is even stronger than three-ply, while the multi-ply plywood is strong enough to be used for exterior projects, such as roofing.

What colour is Sapele plywood?

The colour of the Sapele plywood type is between light yellow and pale red to reddish brown. The reason for this colour range is because Sapele tend to darken with age.

Is Sapele in Warri?

No, Sapele in not in Warri. Though both places are in Delta State but Sapele town is about 25 miles off the city of Warri.


No place in Nigeria is more famous for plywood production than Sapele. This town and Local Government Area, located in Delta State, has been in the business of sawmilling and plywood production since 1925 – the colonial period. The wood variants used in this town are gotten from popular trees such as Sapele, Mahogany, Obeche, and Abura. Till date, Sapele’s plywood production and veneer manufacturing plant is the largest in Nigeria and one of the largest in western Africa.

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