Where can I Buy Magnets in Nigeria?

Magnets are or are special iron with properties of attracting other iron and steel materials. Magnets operate on the principle of attraction and repulsion, where the North Pole attracts the South Pole and vice versa, and like poles, repel each other. Magnets can either be natural or artificial. Natural magnets are called loadstones, while artificial magnets are of various types.

Where can Magnets be bought in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can buy magnets in places like building supply stores, laboratory supply stores, online shops, and supermarkets. These are just places where you’d expect to get large-sized magnets – there are other sources where you can get magnets, and some are even free.

Places to Purchase Magnets in Nigeria

Online shops: you can easily buy quality and durable magnets by just picking up your phone and visiting various online stores such as jumia.ng, ubuy, olist, etc. To buy any magnet of your choice. It should be noted that the size, type, and quality of your choice magnet determines its price (the bigger the size of the magnet, the higher the price, the higher the quality, the higher the price, and the difference in type also determines the price difference.

Laboratory supply stores: are stores that specialize in providing laboratory equipment and materials for the likes of physics laboratories especially. You can walk into any of these supply stores to purchase a magnet of your choice for experimental, educational, and personal purposes. In fact, this is the most appropriate and dependable source of getting a magnet in Nigeria.

Building supply stores: when looking to buy building materials for your homes and offices or structures, you just need to walk into any building supply store to get them. Do not be surprised; magnets are also sold in building supply stores; you can buy one there.

If none of these options work for you, you can easily take apart electronics with an in-built speaker and use the speaker made from the magnet.

Types of Magnet

There are various types of magnets found.

Permanent magnet: Permanent magnets are natural magnets that do not lose their magnetic ability or easily get demagnetized over a period of time. Examples of permanent magnets are ferrite.

Temporary magnet: These magnets easily lose their magnetism (their magnetic properties) or can easily get demagnetized over a long period. Temporary magnets tend to gain their magnetism through various methods, like stroking a piece of non-magnetic material like steel on a magnetic (permanent magnet) for a long time, etc. An example of a temporary magnet is a steel pin that has made contact with a permanent magnet for a long time.

Electromagnet: Electromagnets are magnets that are made when materials such as iron or steel are in contact with an electric field. These magnets are permanent magnets (they do not lose magnetism easily) and are used in various appliances like electric fans, speakers, etc. 

What are some uses of Magnets?

Magnets can be used to separate mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic materials; they are used to lift heavy loads (iron materials or steel materials) in large-scale industries; certain types of magnets are used in home appliances such as Television, speaker and they are also used in electric motors, while some magnets are used to make other magnets.

How much are Magnets sold in Nigeria?

The prices of magnets in Nigeria start from about five thousand naira and varies depending on the size, type, and quality.

Does a magnet have an expiry date?

Natural magnets can actually spend hundreds of years if properly kept, for example, making sure your magnet does not come in contact with heat or other extreme conditions, but other types of magnets like temporary magnets and electromagnets can leave their magnetism over a long period of time, especially the electromagnet which becomes a magnet when it is in the electric field and becomes an ordinary material when the electric field is cut off.

How to properly handle a magnet?

To handle a magnet properly is to keep it of good quality for its life period. Keeping magnets out of extreme heat or other conditions can make them lose their magnetism.

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