Does Shein Ship to Nigeria?

Shein is a US-based online store that specializes more in women’s clothing. What makes this store frequented by people all around the world is their inexpensive clothing. This feature is their edge over other fashion retailers.

Does Shein Ship to Nigeria?

Yes, Shein ships to Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians buy their clothes from this US-based online fashion store, and it is possible to ship them to Nigeria without having to use a shipping forwarder.

Even though Shein ships to Nigeria, there is the possibility that some of their items won’t be shipped to Nigeria (we will show you how to use a shipping forwarder for such items). Nevertheless, a large portion of what they offer is shippable to Nigeria.

How to buy items from Shein

Shein has a simplistic interface so navigation is quite easy.

1. Visit their website

Input into your web browser. All their products are listed on their homepage. You can click on “category” to filter what you’re searching for.

2. Add to cart

Click on the clothing you want to buy and choose a size. An “Add it to bag” button will appear, click on it. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a bag icon tap on it.

The clothing will appear with an “Add to cart” button, click on it

3. Register

You’ll be required to set up an account with them. You’ll input your email address, create a password, and check the box requesting if you want to receive exclusive offers in your mail.

Afterward, a mail will be sent to your inbox. Login to your email and check the message. You’ll see a link, click on it

Now, your account has been registered. You’ll have to log in. If you’re not automatically directed to the checkout page, you’ll have to repeat step 2.

4. Input your information

These are what will be required — first name, last name, phone number, city, state/province, post/zip code, address. Make sure all the info you input is correct or your package might be lost.

Input your payment offer, and your clothing will be ready to be shipped.

5. Keep track of your order

You’ll see an icon symbolizing a person. Click on it. It will lead you to your profile page where you can check your order status.

How to ship with a shipping forwarder?

On their page, Shein states it usually takes 10 to 28 days for your order to arrive in Nigeria, but there have been instances where people said it has been a bit longer than that. If you want a speedy delivery, then you can use a ship/freight forwarder. They will help you handle your shipping once Shein delivers your order to them. Here are the steps involved:

1. Register with a shipping forwarder

There are a lot of shipping forwarders and some are more expensive than others. One popular shipping forwarder is because they work directly with most US stores, and their fees are somewhat low with no added taxes. You can also do your research and find other ones with quality service.

Contact the shipping forwarder, then state what you’ll like to ship so you can know how much they charge and if it’s within your budget. If it is, then you can proceed.

2. Place your order

The shipping forwarder will give you a US-based address which is where your items will be shipped to. You’ll go over to Shein and make your desired purchase and checkout. When you’re inputting your info in the address section, you’ll input the US address that your Shipping forwarder offered you.

Shein will ship your items to the address. When your shipping forwarder receives your items, they will be merged into a package and they will be shipped to Nigeria.

If you are having any problem with the order, most shipping forwarders offer a concierge service that will place the order on your behalf so that everything will go smoothly.

3. Receive your items

All you need to do is wait until you receive your order. You can also keep track of your order status if you want.

Payment method to use on Shein

Shein offers a variety of payment methods for settling the charges on your orders, but as we know, in Nigeria certain payment methods are not functional. What you’ll have to use is either your Visa or MasterCard to purchase your items.

Some people said that they have been able to use a verve card as well, but as of now, there is no information available on whether they allow the use of verve as a form of payment.

If you have any issue regarding your transaction, Shein doesn’t take responsibility, instead, they will tell you to consult your card-issuing bank for information.

Coupon Code And Bonus Points

Shein offers a coupon code as a way of getting discounts on your purchase. For first-timers, you’ll automatically get a free coupon code. From time to time they offer free coupons as well, based on certain purchases you make.

During checkout, you can apply the coupons and bonus points, and the discount you’re offered will reduce the total cost.


We made sure to offer you a delivery alternative if the item you want to buy isn’t shippable to Nigeria by Shein. Using a shipping forwarder can be a bit costly, but you get the added advantage of better item protection.

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