Does USPS Deliver to Nigeria?

USPS is an American postal company that delivers to most countries around the globe. Founded in 1971 in Washington D.C, USA, the company is widely favored due to its affordable prices and reliable services.

Does USPS Deliver to Nigeria?

Yes, USPS delivers to Nigeria. This American postal company offers international deliveries to Nigeria, and it’s a service that Nigerians have been using for quite some time.

They offer very fast mailing services, ranging from around 4 days to 15 days, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. The faster the delivery the more the charges. However, it’s best to opt for First Class and Priority Mail classes because delivery will be speedy, thereby reducing the chances of your mail getting lost.

How to track a USPS package

If you want to track your USPS shipment, you can make use of for not only tracking packages but also sharing your USPS tracking numbers with your customers by emailing them the tracking link from the stamps website.

Stamps also have software you can use instead of their website.

For the website:

  1. Get the package tracking number

You can get your package tracking number from your USPS shipping label, or you can log in to your account and check it there.

  1. Check the status

On the stamps website homepage, navigate to “Ship status page”. Input the tracking number in the search bar (make sure there are no spaces or dashes). Now, click on “Check Status”.

You can start scanning the history and status information of your package.

For the app:

  1. Install the software

You can get the software on their website —

After installing it and logging in, you will be connected to your stamps account so you can easily view the shipping details of your packages.

  1. Get your tracking number

Tap on the “search” tab. Then search for the “status” link. Your package shipping details will appear. Look for the tracking number of the package you want to track, then copy it.

  1. Go to the transactional details window

You’ll view the tracking info in the transactional details window. All your details, inclusive of shipping and status information, weight, delivery and destination addresses, the postage cost for the selected package, and mail class will be there.

  1. Print or email it

After getting the information you need, you can either print out the information or forward it to your mail.

How to use USPS Hold Mail Service?

USPS offers the “hold mail service”. This service allows them to help you safely hold your mail at your local post office, for up to 30 days until you return it or you’re ready to retrieve it. This service is for people who aren’t in town and their package is already around.

To request for USPS hold mail service, you have to submit a request as early as the next scheduled delivery date, or you can request it 30 days in advance.

Before you can use the USPS hold mail service, you need to first verify your identity.

  1. Log in

Log in to your USPS account

  1. Click on USPS Hold Mail

You’ll see the Hold Mail button on your screen, tap on it. Then follow the instructions on how to complete your verification. After you’re done with it, you can submit a hold mail request.

How to use USPS package interception service?

Intercepting a package is unlike the hold mail. You can only intercept your package while it is en route. If it was successfully intercepted, its delivery will be redirected to the new location you choose. To intercept your package, follow the steps below –

  1. Verify eligibility

You need to first check if your package is eligible for this service. You can check out their website to see shipments they nullify. Some of the criteria they use in checking eligibility —

  • Domestic USPS mail services with a USPS Tracking® or extra services barcode Check Your Barcode Number
  • Packages whose total length and girth length is not larger than 108 inches Measuring Package Girth

These are ineligible packages —

  • USPS Marketing Mail® products and periodicals
  • Items addressed to a Commercial Mailing Receiving Agency
  • Items redirected to a PO Box™
  • Nonmailable items, items with surface-only transportation markings, such as Label 127, Surface Mail Only, or items bearing other hazardous materials markings, such as Consumer Commodity ORM-D

If your shipment is eligible, you can go ahead and submit a request.

  1. Pay the charges

This service isn’t free so you’ll need to pay some money. After the submission of your details, you’ll be given an estimate based on certain parameters.

If it is successfully intercepted, you’ll be charged the interception fee and any applicable postage fee. If the actual postage fee becomes greater than the USPS estimate, they will charge the additional estimate accordingly.

After the charges, your package will be redirected to the new location.


USPS has been around for several years and they are still one of the leading postal services in the United States. It’s possible to use their postal service to ship your items from the United States to Nigeria, and it’s one of the cheapest you can opt for.

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