How Do I Find My Postal Code in Nigeria?

Postal codes are very easy to find in Nigeria because the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has the postcodes of all cities and regions in a chronological arrangement. Besides, they all have only 6 digits with no alphabets, thereby making it not only easy to find but also easy to remember.

How Do I Find My Postal Code in Nigeria?

Another way to understand how the postal code works is by understanding how NIPOST arranges the codes based on the region. The country is divided into 9 regions, and the location of each region determines the first 3 digits, while the last 3 digits are determined by the region’s local post office.

1. Visit homepage

You’ll see an empty search box on the screen. Click on it and input the state you’re searching for then click on search.

Another way to get the state you’re looking for is by scrolling down. This website offers a list of all 36 states. Click on your state when you find it.

2. Select your local government

The new page that opens will show the list of LGA in that state. Keeps scrolling until you find yours.

3. Search your area and check postal code

All the areas in that state will be shown with their postal codes. Instead of scrolling through the whole page until you find your area, you can make use of the table of content at the top of the page. When you find your area on the table of content, tap on it, and you’ll be taken to where your area and its postal code is.

How To Search For Your Local Government in Nigeria

This is the part where most people get confused because they do not know their local government and they do not want to enter the wrong one, so that it doesn’t affect the transaction or registration they are trying to do.

The only way to find out about your local government is to ask around. Your neighbors should know or you can ask small or medium scale businesses around your neighborhood, they usually know such things.

However, if you don’t still know the local government of that area for whatever reason, you’ll have to do a little bit of investigation/research. Go to the main roads of your area and check the signboards. Most signboards usually have the area and the local government printed on it. If the latter isn’t there, you can use the former. Just go to then search for the local government of that area. While scrolling through the results on the page, you’ll see your area and its local government beside it.

How To Get Foreign Postal Codes in Nigeria

A simple Google search will solve this for you. Most countries have websites where their states/province postal codes are listed. If you know these websites, then just input them into your web browser and start searching for them.

However, if you don’t know the website, you’ll Google search the name of the country plus zip or postal codes (zip is used in other countries instead of postal, but they both mean the same thing), for instance, if you’re looking for USA zip codes you’ll input “USA zip codes” in your web browser.

If you’ve seen a website showing the country’s zip codes, follow the steps in “How Do I Find My Postal Code in Nigeria?”. The steps are usually similar.

Why Do Businesses Ask For Your Postal Code?

Businesses that might need to send you a mail someday are the ones that usually request your postal code. Most will ask for your email address instead of your postal code because emails have replaced traditional delivery mails.

The main reason people ask this question is to know if their privacy might be infringed, because if we look at things closely, your postal code can be used to trace you to your area, coupled with the other information you supplied, for instance, your name, which will even make it much easier to find you.

To protect yourself, you’ll have to do some investigation and questioning. Look at the website that requests for your postal code and ask yourself if it’s a reputable website and if what they are offering is really useful to you. If the website is a money-making website or what they’re offering is too good to be true then it’s best to avoid them. Also, if you found the website via an online advert, especially the intrusive ones, it’s best you don’t submit your postal code or have an account on such platforms. Anyone can create such websites with false offers, while their main goal is to harvest your data for shady dealings.


We made sure to make this list as detailed as possible because postal codes are required for most physical and online transactions, so presenting a wrong postal code can lead to the delay or loss of your parcel. Take the necessary steps listed above and you’ll get the postal code you need.

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