How Can You Report a Scammer’s Bank Account in Nigeria?

Scamming is increasing in Nigeria at a fast rate. If you have been scammed, you need to take a step so we can flush out scammers before they scam another unsuspecting victim.

How Can You Report a Scammer’s Bank Account in Nigeria?

Most people feel it’s hard to catch a scammer, but that is not entirely true. If you follow the necessary steps in reporting the scammer, he or she will be caught sooner or later. We will show you how to report a scammer’s bank account, and we will also show you how to report a scammer to legal authorities, so not only the banks will be on the lookout for the scammer.

1. Keep proofs

All the previous chats you had with the scammer on all your messaging apps (WhatsApp, IG, FB, and so on), make sure you screenshot and save them. They will come in handy when you need them the most.

2. Get the scammer’s name

You will write down the full name and account number of the person or social media page that scammed you.

3. Save the Transaction ID Number

After sending (debit) or receiving (credit) money, you’ll receive notifications. In this case, you’ll look for the debit notification (via SMS or mobile app) you got after paying the scammer. Check the “transaction ID number” and copy it out.

4. Print the details

All the details you’ve gathered above, you will print them because you might be asked to submit them.

5. Visit the bank or email their E-fraud team

You can report the scammer via his bank’s e-fraud team. You can check the bank’s website and check their e-fraud details there then submit your complaint.

You can also visit the scammer’s bank, it can be any branch of the bank. You’ll request to see the Customer Service Agent in charge of fraud. Then report the scammer and submit the details if you’re asked to.

After your request is processed, the scammer’s account will be placed on hold and his BVN will be blocked. The account will not be able to perform transactions such as transferring or withdrawing money, until the scammer visits the bank to clear things.

When the culprit visits the bank, the police will be contacted by the bank. When the suspect is found guilty, a waiver will be signed which will allow the bank to refund your money.

How Can You Report a Scammer to Legal Authorities?

1. Don’t bombard the scammer with calls

This is something lots of people do when they are scammed. They will chat with the scammer excessively and keep calling. This might make the scammer block you, thereby making it impossible for you to contact him again. To be able to catch this culprit, his contact details are necessary for reaching him. Also, the scammer shouldn’t know that you are reporting him and you plan to involve legal authorities. The conversation with the scammer should remain civil.

The scammer’s contact details will be used in uncovering his location, this is why you shouldn’t let him know about your next moves. It’s best not to let him suspect anything.

2. Report the scammer

You need to report to a legal authority the instant you realize you’ve been scammed. We showed you how to report to your bank at the start of this article. You can also report to the EFCC or the police station nearest to you. Make sure you take the evidence along with you, which can include transaction history, conversation history, and any other evidence you feel might help with the investigation so the swindler can get caught.

The legal authority you report to will get your statements such as narrating all that happened, the contact details, and the location of the scammer. They will also help you contact the swindler’s bank and perform other necessary things that need to be done, so as to box the scammer into a corner so it’s easier to apprehend him.

3. Get a police report and a court order

To be able to request a recall of your funds that you sent into the scammer’s bank account, you will need a police report and court order.

4. Let the authorities do their work

After reporting to the legal authorities and they assured you they will take the necessary steps, you can leave the rest to them. They will help you track and catch the scammer wherever he might be. When he is caught you will be contacted.


Most victims that get scammed usually keep it to themselves. They don’t share their experience with the right people that will take the necessary actions to apprehend the scammer. This might be due to panic or the belief that the funds can’t be refunded, however, you don’t need to panic and be pessimistic. What you should do is spring into action by contacting your lawyer, people on your contact list with connection to legal authorities, the police, or EFCC.

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