MTN Cheapest Data Plan

With the increasing demand for data usage, finding affordable data plans is crucial. The Internet has become important to our daily routine, from communication and entertainment to work and education.

MTN, a leading telecommunications company, offers a range of data plans that cater to diverse needs and budgets.

Today, we will check deep within MTN’s data plans, highlighting their features, benefits, and cost-effectiveness to discover which one is MTN cheapest data plan. Even if you are a student, a professional, or a casual internet user, these data plans can give you affordable and reliable internet access.

MTN’s Data Bundles

First of all, what does cheap mean to you? Cheap could mean different things to different people. 

We will look through their various options to determine which of the MTN data bundles is the cheapest.

Through that, you can decide for yourself which one meets your definition of cheap. Let’s check through, shall we?

MTN Always-On

The MTN Always-On plan is another cheap data plan from MTN. It goes for N60, giving you 50MB daily and 150MB at night. 

It also has a weekly plan option that goes for N120 and gives you 450MB for N120. It lasts seven days and is apportioned into 120MB during the day and 330MB at night.

This plan is excellent for people who only need data during certain times of the day, such as at night when data is cheaper.

MTN Weekly Data Plans

If you need more data than the Always-On Data Plans, MTN also offers a variety of Weekly Data Plans. These plans offer a larger amount of data for a slightly higher price and are perfect for those who use heavy data.

There are several different Weekly Data Plans available from MTN, including:

  • 1GB for N300
  • 2GB for N600
  • 3GB for N900
  • 5GB for N1500
  • 10GB for N3000

All of the Weekly Data Plans are valid for seven days. To purchase a Weekly Data Plan, dial *312*102# and select your desired plan.

MTN Pulse

The MTN Pulse plan is a more expensive data plan, but it offers more data. 

It has special data bundles like the 750MB 3-day data plan at ₦300 and the 1.5GB Weekly data plan at ₦500. The pulse nightlife bundles package also offers 250MB for N25, 500MB for N50, and up to 2GB.

There is also the unique Instagram, TikTok & YouTube Bundles: 350MB IG, TikTok & YouTube for ₦100 and 1GB IG, TikTok & YouTube for ₦200.

This plan is perfect for people needing more data to stream videos or download music.

MTN YouTube

The MTN YouTube plan is a unique data package designed for watching videos on YouTube. 

It costs as low as N50 per day to as much as N200 and gives you as much as 2GB of data. 

This plan is perfect for people who love watching videos on YouTube.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

If you need even more data than the Weekly Data Plans, MTN also offers a variety of Monthly Data Plans. 

These plans offer the largest amount of data for the best price, and they’re perfect for those who require the Internet for everything from streaming videos to gaming online.

The different Monthly Data Plans available from MTN are:

  • 10GB for N2,500
  • 15GB for N3,500
  • 20GB for N4,500
  • 30GB for N6,000
  • 50GB for N10,000

What is MTN Cheapest Data Plan?

And now, the big question.

MTN’s cheapest data plan is the Always-On Data 450MB plan. This plan costs just N120, giving you 120MB of data during the day and 330MB at night. 

The data is valid for seven days, so you can check through the Internet, check your email, or stream music and videos.

How to Buy MTN’s Cheapest Data Plan

There are other different ways to buy MTN’s cheapest data plan. 

You can buy it online, through the MTN app, or by dialing *312*101#. 

If you purchase it online, you’ll need to create an MTN account. When you have created your account, you can buy the plan. 

If you buy it through the MTN app, you’ll need to download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

You can open the app and purchase the plan when you have the app. 

If you buy it by dialing *312*101#, you’ll have to follow the instructions on the screen.

MTN often introduces special offers and promotions to provide additional value to its customers. These offers may include discounted data bundles, bonus data, or reduced prices for specific periods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mtn’s Cheapest Data Plan The Best Data Plan For Me?

Whether or not MTN’s cheapest data plan is great for you depends on your needs and requirements. MTN’s cheapest data plan may be a good choice if a low-cost data plan with a small data allowance is what you are looking for. Then again, if you are a heavy data user, consider a different data plan with a larger data allowance.

How Long Is The Validity Period Of Mtn’s Cheapest Data Plan?

The validity period of MTN’s cheapest data plan also varies depending on your chosen country and plan. In South Africa, for example, the cheapest data plan can last up to 7 days.

How Can I Subscribe To Mtn’s Cheapest Data Plan?

You can subscribe to MTN’s cheapest data plan by dialing *312*101#. You can also subscribe to the plan by visiting an MTN store or using the MTN app.

How Can I Check My Mtn Data Balance?

You can check your MTN data balance by dialing *312#. You can also check your balance by visiting an MTN store or using the MTN app.

How Can I Top Up My Mtn Data Balance?

You can top up your MTN data balance by dialing *131*1*2#. You can also recharge by visiting an MTN store or using the MTN app.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, affordable data plans are crucial for staying connected without straining your finances. MTN’s cheapest data plans offer a range of options, from daily and weekly bundles to monthly data allocations, catering to various user requirements.

By exploring these plans and considering the promotions available, you can enjoy cost-effective internet solutions that meet your connectivity needs. Stay connected with MTN and enjoy seamless online experiences without breaking the bank.