Where Can a Business Administrator Work in Nigeria?

A business administrator also referred to as a business director or business manager is a person that is responsible for the supervision of the day-to-day activities that are being carried out in a business or organization.

As a business administrator, your job description is mainly concerned with the major activities that take place in an organization. Your sole aim should be to execute and manage tasks that support the productiveness and broadening of the entire organization and its individual branches or divisions.

Where can a business administrator work in Nigeria?

There are many institutions and organizations where a business administrator can work in Nigeria. These include research firms, colleges, production companies, banks, schools, and even government agencies, the list is endless.

However, as a business administrator or a graduate from either a university, polytechnics, or other tertiary institutions it is left for you to decide what career path you are to take or what opportunities you are looking for. In the sense, Do you want to be self-employed or employed?? What sector are you willing to get into -whether public or private? After contemplating these questions, you will be able to decide and create a solid career path in business administration. 

Where can a Graduate of Business Administration Work?

There are so many companies and institutions that a person with a business administration degree can work in. like banks, schools, colleges, and so many others. 

Although in most cases when you go for job interviews or reviews, some companies do not care if you have a degree or several degrees in business administration or not, provided you have the capability and skill of carrying out given tasks then you are hired for the job.

Finding business administrator jobs in Nigeria 

There are several ways to search for business administration jobs in Nigeria,  the best way to search for a business administrator job is to go on online certified websites like LinkedIn, up work, fiverr.com, my job mag hotnigerianjobs.com, etc.

Social media platforms are also an alternative in the search for business administration jobs or vacancies. We all know social media has taken over communication and information.

How Much Does a Business Administrator Earn in Nigeria??

Different institutions or companies have different rates of payment, the salary of a business administrator ranges from 300,000 naira to 700,000 naira per month. However, on any equal level, employees in the private sector usually have higher pay than the public sector.

Organizations that Employ Business Administration Graduates in Nigeria

  • Production companies and business organization companies 
  • Advertising companies 
  • Audition companies 
  • Marketing companies 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Academic organizations/ companies 
  • Human resource companies 
  • Operations companies etc.

Responsibilities of a Business Administrator

  • It is the responsibility of the business administrator to make sure that all administrative and monetary matters are completed properly, within the proper time frame thereby sticking to the constitution. 
  • A business administrator is responsible for making technological and policy changes so as to create a means to eliminate incompetence. 
  • A business administrator is also responsible for examining nooks and crannies, in order to minimize cost and maximize profits for the company or institution
  • A business administrator must make sure that the organization staff and other workers work as a team in order to achieve goals faster and more efficient. 
  • A business administrator is responsible for monitoring budgetary activities, analyzing financial transactions and statements, review and evaluation of day to day sales reports in an organization. 

Can a Business Administrator Work as an Accountant?

Business administration and accounting are two very indistinguishable fields. However, a business administrator and an accountant have slightly different job descriptions, this is mostly noticed in a large firm or institution where there are various departments tasked with various lines of work.

Compared to small institutions or firms where a business administrator can be tasked with a related duty, he/she just has to have some incites in the accounting department, it must not necessarily be professionally done compared to larger firms that most times require a level of expertise for execution.

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