Where do Computer Scientists Work in Nigeria?

One of the most beautiful things about being a computer scientist is that you can work almost anywhere, physically or remotely, from the comfort of your home.

However, to become a computer scientist in Nigeria, you must pass WAEC or any SSCE equivalent with a minimum of 5 credits in science subjects, then obtain a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree from an institution in Nigeria accredited by NUC to offer computer science.

A computer scientist is one who has a vast knowledge of the workings of a computer. They apply theoretical expertise in solving, analyzing, designing, implementing, and measuring the effectiveness of computer-based systems, processes, components, or programs. They research and analyze how computers can be used to solve our everyday problems.

Where do Computer Scientists Work in Nigeria?

Computer scientists can work in different sectors of the Nigerian economy, serving other purposes. They can work in technological companies, the banking and financial sector as analysts or programmers. They can also work in the power sector like oil companies, hospitals, schools, distilleries, etc.

Examples of Places where a Computer Scientist can Work in Nigeria

Technological Companies

One of the fastest and most sought-after company/industry in Nigeria currently is Technology (tech.) Industry. Every Nigerian currently wants to be a part of the Tech world. And as a Computer Scientist, not only would you be more than qualified to work in a tech company, but you would also be able to own one. 

As a computer scientist, you have a higher advantage over others because you possess most (if not all) of the skills needed to survive in the tech world. From coding to system programming to becoming a system analyst and even a developer. You would be able to solve problems using technology and write software to create applications.

The knowledge and experience acquired in school would allow you to create software applications and programs that would make a huge change in the world. You might even become the next Jeff Bezos and create an application bigger than Amazon.

Banking and Financial Sector

As a computer scientist in Nigeria, you would also be able to work in the banking and financial sectors. Software programs and applications are used daily, and people with a vast knowledge of computers are needed to operate those computers. 

While working in the banking sector, various roles, such as writing banking system software, which is useful in keeping track of accounts and helping in planning and executing sales. It records the data of the buyer, the sellers and the sales made. And it also tracks the bills of delivery.

These programs track the sales in the market, those who bought, and those who ordered but haven’t received their orders. Computer scientists in the banking sector develop software applications that make online banking easier, faster, and more secure. 

Oil & Gas Industry

Every big oil industry has a tech division. And who runs the technology sector? a computer scientist. Computer scientists are an invaluable benefit to the oil and gas industry as nothing is currently done without computer modeling and software programs that are used to predict the best areas to explore for hydrocarbons, drill, complete, and produce the oil/gas to the pipelines and refining industries that then use the hydrocarbons to make products that are used in many processes, not just the manufacture of gasoline.

Computers model the stress load of the steel casing in a well and the requirements of a floating, dynamically positioned drillship or producing platform. The oil industry cannot move into the age of robotics and other valuable needs without computer science.

Educational Institutions

As a computer scientist with vast IT knowledge, you would be able to work in a University or any academic institution of your choice, imparting knowledge to younger generations.

Healthcare Industry

People with computer knowledge and skills are needed to manage and organize clinical data and other IT purposes, such as writing medical programs, creating online portals for easy access to patients, analyzing hospital data, operating the computers in the labs and other places, etc.

Food Technology

Believe it or not, computers are used to manufacture foods and drinks. From calculating the amount of pressure needed to calculate the temperature needed to make that particular brand to the wrapping and packaging of the product, computers go a long way in the food industry.

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