Where Can a Computer Scientist Work in Nigeria?

As we all know, we live in a modern age where technology has taken over the world, computer science has a very important role to play in this advancement as it forms the bedrock of various technological applications.

Computer scientists are responsible for a large number of tasks in modern organizations. They play a vital role in ensuring the health of any business, so in this case, whatever field in computer science you specialize in, possibilities are at their peak that whichever organization ends up employing you, your work will be of great importance to them.

 As a computer scientist, your line of work is mainly concerned with the use of AI, data science, and computer layout guidelines, in order to create and integrate computer systems, algorithmic programs, and software. As well as working hand in hand with electrical and computer network engineers when the need arises.

Where can a Computer Scientist Work in Nigeria?

There are many institutions and organizations where a computer scientist can work in Nigeria. These places include research firms, colleges, production companies, banks, schools, government agencies, etc.

However, as a computer scientist or a graduate from either a university, polytechnic, or any other tertiary institution, it is left for you to decide what career path to take or what opportunities you are looking for – do you want to be self-employed or employed? What sector are you willing to get into? Is it public or private? After contemplating these questions, you will be able to decide and create a solid career path as a computer scientist. 

Computer Science Jobs in Nigeria 

There are several ways to search for a computer science job in Nigeria, the best way to search for a computer science job is to go on online certified websites like LinkedIn, up work, fiverr.com, my job mag, hotnigerianjobs.com, etc. Social media platforms are also an alternative in the search for computer science jobs or vacancies. We all know social media has taken over communication and information.

Where can a Graduate of Computer Science Work?

There are so many companies and institutions that a person with a computer science degree can work in. like banks, schools, colleges, and so many others. 

Although in most cases when you go for job interviews or reviews, some companies do not care if you have a degree or several degrees in computer science or not, provided you have the capability and skill of carrying out given tasks then you are hired for the job.

How much does a Computer Scientist earn in Nigeria?

Different institutions or companies have different rates of payment, the salary of a computer scientist ranges from 60,000 nairas to 500,000 nairas per month.

However, Pertaining the various sectors, which are the public and private sectors have different levels of payment but private sectors have higher pay compared to the public sectors because of legal and privacy T&C governing them.

List of Company Sectors that Employ Graduates of Computer Science in Nigeria

  1. Banks
  2. Programming companies 
  3. Media companies 
  4. Computer companies 
  5. Insurance companies 
  6. Academic organizations/ companies 
  7. Human resource companies
  8. Operations companies 

Responsibilities of a Computer Scientist?

  1. A computer scientist uses technology to solve problems and prepare for the future. He/she also writes and programs software in order to create applications, their sole aim, however, is to authenticate and create models for the relationship between people and computers as well as operating systems and devices. 
  2. The computer scientist is responsible for administering conceptual examinations in various areas, there are also fond of database theory and systems engineering. Computer scientists also have applicable intellects in numerical analysis, algebraic complexity speculations, and information technology and computer graphics. 
  3. Computer scientists also use their intellects to work in the systems engineering field or as IT counselors.
  4. Computer scientists are responsible for how data and commands are processed, stored, and communicated by quantifying devices. It generally entails the designing of software, addressing fundamental scientific questions about the nature of computation and analysis, it also deals with the management and maintenance of hardware and the construction of large and complex computer systems. 
  5. A computer scientist responsible has no limits pertaining to technology. Like they create the brains of our smartphones, they prevent planes from crashing, they help surgeons in executing tasks efficiently, and they help engineers in creating better prototypes through the use of Auto Cad and other simulators.

Is Computer Science a Good Course in Nigeria?

Well yes, computer science is a very intriguing course both in Nigeria and abroad, it has a vast range of career opportunities.  Ranking as of today, computer science is one of the most competitive and vendible courses in Nigeria. So it should be a course of consideration when choosing a course to study.

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