How Lucrative is Radiography in Nigeria?

A degree in Radiography places you in the medical field and while it doesn’t stand among the most coveted professions in the medical line, it does give you the opportunity to live out your dreams of helping others. Radiographers are professionals that studied Radiography at the university. Take note that radiographers aren’t doctors; they are radiologic technologists tasked with taking x-rays and handling other imaging equipment in a hospital.

How Lucrative is Radiography in Nigeria?

The salary range of any radiographer would depend on the requirement of the job and the quality of the establishment. This means radiography in Nigeria can be very lucrative and make you rich or pay just a bit above the minimum wage.

Your level of experience and career ambition are also important factors that will determine how far you go in the industry. In fact, some senior radiographers with higher educational qualification and experience that specialize in high-level areas of radiography such as Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) and Computer tomography in Government hospitals and laboratories earn considerably more than their counterparts.

Salary of Radiographers in Nigeria

The salary of a radiographer range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Entry-level radiographers will definitely earn less while senior radiographers would take the biggest cuts.

Salary of Radiographers in Government Hospitals

Experts in the government sector in Nigeria are considerably better paid compared to experts in the private sector.  Thus, radiographers that find employment in Government-owned hospitals (both Federal or State sector) not only get better employment benefits but also better allowances and status than those employed in private establishments.

On average, these radiographers can pocket a sum of N100,000 and N150,000 at the entry-level in a Federal establishment and just around N80,000 – N120,000 working in State hospitals and laboratories.

Salary of Radiographers in Private Sector

While the private sector provides more employment opportunities for radiographers, there is a huge difference in the salary structure between both sectors. On average, radiographers working in private hospitals and laboratories can earn between N70,000 and N100,000 at the entry-level.

What is the Difference Between Radiologists and Radiographers?

While both a Radiologist and a Radiographer are involved in x-rays and everything that has to do with imaging in a hospital or a laboratory, they are actually two different health care professionals.


A radiologist is a medical doctor with a medical degree who specializes in reading medical imaging to diagnose and treat people. The radiologist will not perform the imaging test or be the one to take the x-rays or put you in the MRI machine rather, they will interpret the scans which aids in diagnosing medical conditions.


A radiographer is only involved in operating the imaging machines and carrying out the imaging scans. Then they will pass the tests to the radiologist who will interpret the scan and imaging results.

Admission Requirements for Studying Radiography In Nigerian University

To become a radiographer in Nigeria, you will have to acquire a degree in radiography from a reputable and accredited Nigerian university. It usually takes 5 years of study to acquire a degree in the course which will be followed by one year of internship in a recognized hospital.

  • O’Level Result: Five (5) Credits passes in SSCE in subjects in Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  • JAMB Subject Combination for Radiography: Use of English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Wrapping Up

Radiography might not be a top-level profession like medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and others but it still commands respect in Nigerian universities and the workforce.

Overall, radiography is a lucrative profession whether you find yourself in the public or private sector, and with years of experience, you could reach the pinnacle of your career.

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