Where Can a Biochemist Work in Nigeria?

A biochemist studies proteins, DNA, cell parts, chemical reactions, and their effect on products in medicine and food additives. A biochemist needs specialized knowledge, so few industries are available for them to work.

Where Can a Biochemist Work in Nigeria?

There are a number of public and private sectors a biochemist can work in. Even though Nigeria doesn’t have firms and infrastructure like most first-world countries, that doesn’t mean biochemists can’t find good jobs. New factories keep springing up in Nigeria, and these are places that require biochemist services the most.

1. Educational institutions

Biochemists can find jobs at the lower end of the academic spectrum, which is secondary schools, while at the upper end they will find career opportunities in universities as a lecturer. Apart from being a teaching staff, biochemists can work as research assistants.

2. Breweries

The making of beers and other alcohols is grounded in chemistry and some biology. Certain steps and precautions have to be taken for the beer to come out well. In breweries, a biochemist can work as a quality assurance officer to make sure the beer quality is great. This particular job is the most needed by brewery factories.

Biochemists can use their experience to develop new flavors of beers. However, they’ll need good expertise in the field and also a little bit of business acumen because you’ll need flavors that are consistent with the company brand. For instance, you might be required to create a low-gluten beer for a market of gluten-free diets.

The best job you can get is being a brewery manager. Biochemists who get this position are called brewmasters. You’ll oversee the crafting of all beer that comes from the brewery. Another aspect of this job is finding a way to increase the brewery’s output by utilizing new technologies. To get this position, you’ll need an advanced degree, however, if you studied abroad in a prestigious brewery program then you can easily find such positions.

3. Food processing factories

You can work as a quality assurance expert at food processing factories. Your job will be to maintain the standards necessary to process food that is good for consumption. You’ll be in charge of keeping the factory workers in check so they can produce products that are consumable for Nigerians.

You can also work as a product development officer. Your job will be to develop new ingredients or flavors. You can also be in charge of finding new ways to improve the production process, such as the packaging of the product.

4. Laboratories

This job position doesn’t pay much like the others on this list, but when you’re starting and trying to get experience, it’s a good employment choice to consider. If you’re a student, it’s also a job you can apply for because it gives you first-hand experience outside the lecture room. As a biochemist working as a laboratory assistant, it’s more about the experience you’re gathering than the money you’re making. It’s a good entry-level Job position.

5. Media firms

You can work as a TV anchor on biology or chemistry-related channels. You can also work as a writer for blogs in your field. The latter job is much easier to attain. There are lots of bloggers running blogs that target international audiences in your field. You can always write to them and offer your service as a writer. This is a great job opportunity for students and even experts. You can run your blog as well and earn from the adverts placed on your blog.

6. NGO research centers

To find this kind of job offer, you’ll need to carry out in-depth research because most times they don’t publicize the job offer. It is usually through connections and a bit of luck. Moreover, most NGO laboratories are not usually based in Nigeria. Besides, you might not have a specific location because some require fieldwork, so you’ll have to travel a lot. Before you settle for this job, make sure to get enough knowledge on what your job is about. Also, most NGOs look for people that will work for free, so you need to know if they will pay or not.

7. Become self-employed

With your knowledge in biochemical technology and procedures, you are adequately equipped with the necessary knowledge to start your venture and even provide job opportunities to others. With the current economic condition which is causing high unemployment, starting your venture has its benefits.

You can outsource your services to factories, especially small businesses that can’t afford to have an in-house biochemist.

You can start a business by selling machinery in your field, a TV program educating people, and so on. Find a need and offer a solution.


Biochemistry is one of those fields that its pros get paid good salaries due to the specialized knowledge that is required. Not everyone can learn all that there is to be a professional biochemist, and this is the unfair advantage biochemists have.

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