Which Car Brands Are Made in Nigeria?

In a bid to advance its economy through technology, the Nigerian government has welcomed investors from all parts of the world to set up assembly and manufacturing plants for automobiles. Encouraging tax laws and policies, have also been implemented to provide investors with a conducive environment for operations, and discourage the importation of foreign-used vehicles. 

Which Car Brands Are Made in Nigeria? 

Here are some made-in-Nigeria car brands:

  1. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM)
  2. IMC (Steyr Motors)
  3. Massilia Motors Limited
  4. Monaplex Industries Nigeria Limited
  5. Peugeot Nigeria
  6. ProForce Defense Limited 

Despite the many struggles, the Nigerian automobile industry has thrived through the odds and continues to make slow, but steady progress. The design and manufacturing plan of the cars by these brands focus on factors that are relevant and peculiar to Nigeria and its residents. 

Some of these factors include the nature of Nigerian roads, price affordability in relation to earnings of the average Nigerian, and the general expectations of their target clients. Putting these factors into consideration has helped them produce cars that are proudly Made-In-Nigeria, capable of competing with foreign brands.

More Details on the Top Made-in-Nigeria Car Brands

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM)

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company is the first automobile brand to spring up in Africa, and over the years, it has maintained its reputation as not just the oldest, but one of the best. It was founded by Mr. Innocent Chukwuma and is headquartered in Nnewi, Anambra state. It was commissioned by former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 

70% of their cars are produced locally, while others are sourced from countries such as Japan, China, and Germany. At IVM, they aim to produce durable and affordable automobiles and eliminate the importation of foreign vehicles hence their slogan, Pride of African Roads. 

IMC (Steyr Motors)

IMC Motors was founded by Charles Ekundayo, and has long been globally recognized. You would agree that the engine is the heart of an automobile. At IMC, they are dedicated to producing reliable, long-lasting, and strong engines for vehicles that serve commercial, marine, and military purposes alike. 

Massilia Motors Limited

Massilia Motors Limited, more commonly known locally as Mitsubishi Motors is a joint venture between CFAO and CHANDAI Groups. They offer maintenance, sales, and repair services to automobile owners. They also have a wide range of products which includes cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and spare parts. 

Monaplex Industries Nigeria Limited

Monaplex is a 100% indigenous brand, that has been in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years. They are more popularly known for their mark in the plastic industry all across Africa. But they also do have a chunk in the Nigerian automobile industry. 

They produce over 500 different automobile spare parts locally and have gained recognition and acceptance from Africans across different countries. 

Peugeot Nigeria

Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited was an idea of the Nigerian Federal Military Government, during the tenure of General Yakubu Gowon in 1969. In a bid to make this idea a reality, Nigeria formed a joint alliance with Peugeot Automobile France. 

Peugeot Nigeria was then incorporated on December 15th, 1972. Three years following its incorporation, an assembly plant was commissioned in Kaduna state in 1975. Peugeot Nigeria is reputable and provides cars and commercial vehicles. Their headquarters is located at PAN House in Abuja. 

ProForce Defense Limited

ProForce Defense Limited is an automobile manufacturing company, unique for its production of armored vehicles which offer defense solutions to Nigerians. ProForce Defense was established in 2008 and has gained technical expertise over the years. 

They utilize internationally certified ballistic standards for the production of personal protection automobiles and serve government, communities, and private sectors here in Nigeria, and other countries in Africa as well. 

Progress of the Automobile Industry in Nigeria

The Nigerian Automobile Industry can be broadly classified into two: Used (more popularly known as “Tokunbo”), and New. Foreign-used cars make up a large portion of total imports into the country. 

As such, profits margins from the production of new cars are slim, due to the unending importation of foreign-used cars, and the lack of enthusiasm of Nigerians to buy cars from authorized Nigerian brands. 

In order to ensure that the industry does not faze out, the federal government reached out to automobile manufacturers in Europe that got involved in local automobile production. Several importation policies have also been put in place, to curtail the excessive importation of foreign-used cars. 

The National Automobile Council (NAC) was also founded to ensure the survival and growth of the industry, by providing local, human and material resources. Despite the almost-unbearable production costs and minimal output, the industry holds so much potential and continues to thrive.

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