Can You Use 4 12volts Batteries In A Golf Cart?

‘Can you use 4 12volts batteries in a golf cart?’ is one of those questions I get a lot in my mail. 

And today, we are going to treat it as a topic. 

So the answer to your burning question is: Yes, you can use four 12-volt batteries in a golf cart. This builds up to a 48-volt electrical system. 

Remember, a golf cart typically runs on either a 36-volt or 48-volt system, but that depends on the battery configuration. 

Below, we will explain more about that. Stay tuned! :

Can You Use 4 12volts Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Yes, you can. Usually, these golf carts have six batteries, which is their perfect number. But Instead of six, you could use only four batteries. And not just any batteries – the kind that’s usually in your car, the ones with 12 volts.

Connecting them gives you much more power, It’s like getting a superpower of 48 volts – super cool.

Why does this matter? Well, it’s like giving your golf cart a turbo boost. It can go faster and handle tricky roads better.

Those four batteries help the cart go up hills and take turns without breaking a sweat.

And since they share the work, they don’t get tired quickly. This might mean the batteries last longer, so you don’t need new ones too soon.

But here’s the best part: doing this won’t cost a ton. Those regular 12V batteries aren’t as expensive as the special golf cart ones.

So, you can strengthen your golf cart without spending much money. This could be a wise choice if you want to make your golf cart cooler without emptying your wallet.

And even though golf carts usually have six batteries, trying out four 12V batteries is like giving your cart a secret power boost.

It helps it go faster and handle rough spots better, making the batteries last longer.

And just like we change our meals to stay healthy, a golf cart can change its battery setup for a more exciting and budget-friendly ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Golf Cart Battery Last?

When you look after them properly, golf cart batteries tend to stick around for about 3 to 7 years.

This timeframe can change based on how often you use the cart and how frequently you recharge those batteries. Moreover, the type of battery you have makes a big difference.

Take lithium batteries, for example—they’re much lighter than lead-acid ones and can keep going for roughly four times as long.

Remember, regardless of the battery type, it’s super important to charge them regularly to ensure they stay in their best shape.

How To Install A Golf Cart Battery?

It’s not a good idea for most people to change golf cart batteries independently because it can be dangerous.

If you still want to do it, you have to be very careful. You should wear gloves, special glasses, and clothes that protect you from acid.

Golf cart batteries have stuff inside that can hurt you. There’s also a risk of getting shocked by electricity, so safety is paramount.

How Often Should I Service My Golf Cart?

That is a fascinating question because some golf cart owners would say once or twice every year.

The frequency of serving your cart should depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations, how often you use it, and the type of terrain you drive on 

But generally, you should service your golf cart once annually with moderate to regular use

Professional golfers will always conduct a visual inspection before rolling out to the golf. This is a proactive way of ensuring your drive stays in tip-top condition. 

If there were any visible signs of damage, loose parts, or wear and tear, they would spot it on time before it escalated.  You should adopt such an initiative.

Do Batteries Spoil When Not In Use?

All batteries, no matter what kind, slowly lose power over time.

Even if you’re not using them, they still lose charge. How fast this happens depends on the type of battery, how old it is, and how warm or cold the place is when you store it.

If you’re not using your golf cart batteries, you might need to charge them up occasionally to keep them from losing too much power.


To wrap it up, using four 12-volt batteries in a golf cart can improve its performance. It’s like giving the cart an energy boost, making it run better and last longer.

However, for this battery setup to work seamlessly, it’s crucial to ensure that the batteries match the cart’s electrical system.

Also, keeping the batteries charged up correctly is vital to maintaining their strength and readiness for action.

Finally, just remember that ensuring everything fits and is safe is essential.

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