Can You Use 3 12 Volts Batteries In A Golf Cart?

A lot depends on the battery. If their needs aren’t met, you either risk having inconsistent and unreliable performance that leads to sudden shutdowns or loss of power that can affect the cart’s usability and safety.

So one of the questions many golfers are aching to answer is whether ‘can you use 3 12 volts batteries in a golf cart?’

YES, you can. It is doable to use three 12-volt batteries to create a 36-volt system. This is because Golf carts typically run on a 36-volt or 48-volt electrical system, although it depends on a few factors.

Can You Use 3 12 Volts Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Yes, you can use 3 12 volts batteries in a golf cart. Before you get excited about using these 3 12V batteries in your 36V golf cart, it will be wise to know the basics about the batteries you’re dealing with and why they’re used in your cart.

Electric golf carts rely on various sizes and types of batteries to power them up.

In the past, golf carts used groups of 6-volt batteries to ensure they had the right power. These batteries were connected in a chain to give enough power, usually 36 volts, which is standard for a golf cart.

This way of setting things up made sure the power and energy were spread out nicely, making the cart work its best.

These batteries are like their lifeblood. You have probably seen these carts zipping around beach towns and places where retired folks live.

Even though you might not think about it much, the batteries in your golf cart are essential.

Understanding how they work and correctly caring for them can significantly affect how well your cart performs.

How fast it goes, how quickly it speeds up, and how long it can run it all depends on the batteries working together.

Knowing more about the battery setup is like getting a backstage pass to your golf cart’s show.

Imagine you have a 36-volt golf cart. Think of it as a team of three 12V batteries, each playing a part. The 36V is like the total energy the cart needs to be at its best.

Putting these batteries together is like forming a powerful trio that can produce 36 volts.

But here’s the catch: for this trio to work its magic, each battery must be strong and contribute equally.

If one lags, it messes things up, and your cart might have trouble charging up, eventually hurting the batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Replace Only One Battery In My Golf Cart Bank?

When it comes to your golf cart battery lineup, it’s like a team – they perform best when everyone’s on the same page.

So, instead of swapping out a solo battery, give your cart a full power boost by changing all the batteries simultaneously.

This way, you’ll keep your battery bank firing on all cylinders and avoid any power disparities that could throw things off balance.

How Can I Extend The Lifespan Of My Golf Cart Batteries?

To extend the lifespan of your golf cart batteries, follow these practices:

  •  Avoid deep discharges: Recharge your batteries before they are deeply discharged to prevent sulfation, which can lead to battery damage.
  • Regular maintenance: Check water levels (if applicable) and keep them correctly filled. Clean terminals and connections to prevent corrosion.
  • Proper storage: If the golf cart won’t be used for an extended period, fully charge the batteries and disconnect them.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Batteries perform best within a specific temperature range. Store and charge them in moderate conditions.

Why Are Deep Cycle Batteries Used In Golf Carts?

Deep-cycle batteries are used in golf carts because they are designed to provide a steady amount of power over a more extended period.

Golf carts require batteries that can handle repeated charging and discharging cycles, which is different from the starting batteries used in cars that provide short bursts of high current.

Deep cycle batteries are optimized for these usage patterns and are more durable for golf cart applications.

How Should I Charge My Golf Cart Batteries?

One important thing that rings in the memory of every car owner is how to recharge his battery. If you are unsure what to do, pay attention to this section.

  • Regular charging: Charge your batteries after each use, even if you haven’t fully depleted them. Avoid letting them sit in a discharged state.
  • Complete charging: Ensure the batteries are fully charged before using the cart. And ALWAYS use a compatible charger.
  • Avoid overcharging: Modern chargers often have automatic shut-off features when fully charged batteries, as the electrolyte could be lost and damaged.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines: Always refer to the manufacturer’s charging procedures and schedule recommendations.


To summarize, three 12-volt batteries in your Golf Cart can make it work better and last longer.

These batteries can give the cart more power, meaning it can go faster, travel farther, and be more efficient.

But you have to ensure the batteries work well together, connect them correctly, and care for them so they work the best.

Just remember, if everything is set up right, using three 12-volt batteries could make your Golf Cart ride smoother and more exciting.

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