What Business Can You Start From Home in Nigeria?

Due to the unavailability of white-collar jobs and short-staffing of blue-collar jobs in Nigeria, there has been a rise in the amount of self-owned business ventures in the country. There are many reasons a person would want to start a home business; unemployment, retirement, health issues, and so much more. 

If you happen to find yourself among the population searching for business ideas to start from home, then do not be bothered because there are many profitable options to select from. We have retail shops, fashion/adornments, hospitality, cosmetics, educational Enterprises, agriculture, and the most popular now; money circulation, etc.

What business can I start from home in Nigeria?

“What business can you start at home as a Nigerian?” the answer to this question is very dynamic as it depends on what you can do or are willing to do and how well you can do them. Nevertheless, from our perspective, the most convenient business that Nigerians can start at home is of a wide variety.

Still, they are limited mainly to the small scale size or medium scale at most. Some of these businesses include running a retail shop, skill employment (such as tailoring, baking, and confectionery), agriculture, money circulation (POS), cosmetics, hairdressing, etc.

Business ventures you can start from Home

Retail shop: This is the most common home business that can be run in Nigeria. It can be run by both male and female persons, and it requires very little capital to start, and a variety of products could be sold, but most commonly, consumables.

Tailoring: This is another business that can be run from the convenience of your home as long as you own a working sewing machine. The only downside to this business is that it is skilled employment; you need to have learned the required skills to be able to work and meet the customer’s demand. Meanwhile, what’s great is that this business venture isn’t gender-focused; males and females can partake if it suits their interests.

Baking/confectionery: This is another business that requires skills to meet customers’ demands. It requires very little capital to start and no designated location. Confectionery/baking is the business of making and baking sweets, chocolates, and other baked edibles for consumption. 

Hairdressing: Another example of a skilled business you can start at home. It requires no capital to operate or start. The female population mostly takes it up, but it’s not uncommon to have men also practice the trade. It is a business that belongs in the beauty industry as it involves the styling of people’s hair to look good or suit their preferences or taste.

Cosmetics: If you are looking for a business you can start from home, this is an option. With skills in how to make cosmetics such as soap, liquid soap, disinfectants, powder, bleach, perfume, and antiseptic, you can begin to produce your brand of products in the safe walls of your home without needing to rent out a space for business. It requires quite a bit of capital to start since you would need to buy the required chemicals you need to work with, but that’s about the hardest part because making most cosmetic formulas are done online.

Agriculture: This is so far the easiest business to start amongst all listed options. It mostly requires no capital to start, and there are so many branches of agriculture that one can venture into; poultry farming, piggery, snail farming, crop production, cattle rearing, etc. Depending on which branch is most convenient and meets your needs better.

Money circulation (POS):  This is one very popular venture that just sprang up. It is a business that aids money circulation in the economy. It involves using point-of-sales machines to withdraw, transfer, pay bills and conduct other financial business for people. Unlike the other businesses listed, this one requires quite a large capital to start, even though it can also be operated from the comfort of your home. The only downside of this business is the risk of loss involved as it is a finance-oriented business.


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