Popcorn Business in Nigeria: How to Start

The popcorn business in Nigeria has been around for a while, however, it is beginning to get the recognition it deserves. More people are beginning to see the profit potential of running a popcorn business in this part of the world.

One of the biggest advantages of this business is that you don’t need so much capital to get started. Also, you can learn the skill required very quickly, and within a few weeks, you can begin making a profit. With all of this promise, the question that begs an answer is, “how can one start a popcorn business in Nigeria?” Continue reading this post to find out.

Equipment and Ingredients for Popcorn Business

Before we discuss how to start the popcorn business in Nigeria, let’s first talk about the equipment and ingredients that you need. There are two types of popcorn machines that you can use in this part of the world. They include:

  • Electric popcorn machine

  • Gas-powered popcorn machine

Your choice will depend on the power situation in your location. For areas with good power supply, we suggest that you pick an electric popcorn machine. You can go for the gas-powered alternative if the power supply in your location isn’t dependable. Truth be told, there isn’t much difference in the end product. What matters is the skill of the business owner and the ingredients used.

This takes us to the ingredients you need for your popcorn business. Below is a list of the ingredients that you need for your popcorn business in Nigeria:

  • Maize.

  • Salt or sugar.

  • Oil or butter.

Asides from these basic ingredients, you can add any of the ingredients below to improve the flavor of your popcorn:

  • Milk.

  • Caramel.

  • Chocolate.

  • Chili pepper.

  • Honey.

How to Start the Popcorn Business in Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, starting the popcorn business in Nigeria isn’t so difficult. This section will provide you with the steps you should follow to get your business started.

Learn the skill

The first thing that you should do is learn how to make popcorn if you don’t already have this skill. There are several ways to learn such as visiting a professional popcorn maker to teach you or via YouTube. We suggest that you mix both as the former will expose you to both the skill and the business knowledge. On the other hand, learning via YouTube teaches you how to improve the quality of your final product.

Making popcorn is the easy part. You should gather as much knowledge about the business as possible. Understand how to manage your ingredients, where to purchase the raw materials, packaging, and customer relationship. Also, find out the amount of money you need to start this business and possible marketing options. Use your knowledge to put together a small business plan to guide you through the business.

Raise capital

It is impossible to discuss how to start any business without mentioning capital. Capital is the money and equipment that you need to establish and run a business. In this case, it will include fixed costs like getting a shop space and purchasing your machine. You will also have to consider running costs like purchasing ingredients, packaging, and maintenance costs.

The good thing about starting a popcorn business in Nigeria is that you don’t need so much capital. You can begin this business with as little as N150,000 to N200,000 depending on your location. Most people raise this money from personal savings or gifts and small loans from loved ones. Note that a detailed business plan will help you to raise this money easily.

Purchase your equipment

We have already told you about the main piece of equipment that you need for this business, the popcorn machine. Figure out which one suits you better, electric or gas-powered, and purchase it. If you stay in a location like Lagos State, you can easily pick one of these machines up from Alaba Market. Alternatively, you can check websites like Jiji or Olist to buy your machine.

You can choose to go for a brand-new popcorn machine or a second-hand machine. The choice depends on how much you have at your disposal for the purchase. Ensure that you properly test any machine you pick before paying.

Purchase your ingredients

The chief ingredient for this business is “popcorn.” Kindly note that this corn is not the same as the regular maize that you use for cooking. Not every kind of maize pops so you should be careful about investing in the wrong ingredient.

The best way to find out where to buy your corn is by speaking to existing popcorn entrepreneurs. You can also reach out to agro-businesses that sell corn. They should have the kind of corn that you need or can provide directions. Another alternative is to check online for vendors.

You should also purchase all the other ingredients that you need for this business. Remember that it is better to buy in bulk as it is always cheaper.

Choose a good location for your business

One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a popcorn business in Nigeria is location. Invest in getting a shop in a location that has a lot of human traffic. By the way, not that it is not every kind of human traffic that suits your business, but one that is interested in your products.

You don’t have to rent a shop to begin this business. Some popcorn vendors set up with small kiosks or umbrellas and tables. Choose the one that you can afford and begin your business. You can grow into a larger space over time.

Market your popcorn

Now that your business is ready, it is time to market your products. A lot goes into marketing other than the aroma of your popcorn. From your packaging to some good background music to attract attention to your store. You should consider selling on weekends as well depending on your location. Also, take advantage of social gatherings in your environment like birthday parties and wedding receptions to sell your products.


That’s it for how to start a popcorn business in Nigeria. This post has shown you the equipment and ingredients that you need. We have also discussed the steps you should follow to get started. Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section if you have any.