Does Binance Work in Nigeria?

Do you want to learn more information about Binance such as how to buy crypto on the platform and other related information? Then you have got to keep up with this article.

Does Binance Work in Nigeria?

Yes, Binance is working fine in Nigeria, the only limitation to this at moment is the suspension of credit card purchases. however, the government and binance company are working tirelessly to reinstate this feature.

What is Binance?

Binnace is a trading platform or application that give room for its users to trade different cryptocurrencies, send and receive crypto and many other cryptocurrencies related activities.

How to buy cryptocurrencies from Biannace using P2P?

Log in to your Binance account before you begin trading on Binance P2P. If you’re not already a Binance user, you can sign up for free and get started via the application. You can find the application on playstore and your apple stores.

What Next?

Add at least one payment method and complete the Level 2 identity verification (also known as KYC, Know Your Customer) process. A high level of security is created, and your account is protected on the market. Binance P2P has the advantage of being available via the Binance app, which allows you to trade wherever and anytime you want. On Bianance P2P, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy crypto coin.

Step 1: Define your search parameters

You’ll need to open the Binnace application

Choose BTC from the Buy menu.

Right-click on your screen and select “Filter”.

In order to purchase a cryptocurrency, you will need to select the Bank payment method On the next screen, click on “confirm’

Step 2:

Click on Buy BTC and choose the offer that works best for you. Then input the quantity you wish to buy, select a payment method, and amounts will be deposited immediately into the seller’s bank account based on seller’s payment information supplied within It’s transaction page

Check to the box if you’ve sent money to your seller, then press on Transfer

Step 3: You will receive your Bitcoin.

If you haven’t made any transactions or transfer to the seller yet, don’t click Confirm. The P2P User Transaction Policy will be broken as a result of this and you may be suspended for such.

After this, your transaction page will now change to “To be released.”

Congratulations! You’ve completed a transaction and received your Bitcoin!

Is something still unclear?

Binance P2P is the greatest option to cash out your Bitcoins because you may choose from various buyers and there is no withdrawal limit. Remember, as we stated at the start of this instruction, you must finish the account verification process.


Many traders have asked how does Binance work, many have asked if this app work in Nigeria. You can find all of these answer in the content above, but to conclude with, there are various other trading platform that works in Nigeria, nonetheless, Biannce has the highest number of users, traders and one of the most used app for trading cryptocurrencies in Africa.

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