Is 5G Network Available In Nigeria?

5G is short for 5th generation mobile network. It is a wireless technology that is geared towards achieving ultra-low latency, increased availability, massive network, more unified user experience, super high multi-GPS, and apex data speeds. The 5th generation mobile network is a brand new global wireless network that came after 1G to 4G. Because it employs a new kind of technology in its design, the 5G network enables everyone and everything to connect virtually

Among the many benefits of the 5G network, the most visible ones include; super-speed cell reception, flexible and easier slice creation, complete visualization and management of all operators, the ability to generate offers and actions through the use of Artificial intelligence (AI), Enriched API exposure, easier purchase, management and monitoring of partner admins and faster market/deployment time among others. With a higher experience and higher efficiency, the 5G network brings new user experiences and links them with upcoming industries.

Inasmuch as Nigeria is a country blessed with natural resources and a wealth of industries, the country suffers occasional setbacks in the areas of technology as a result of the many challenges the country has faced and is still facing. Trustworthiness and market speed have always been an issue, hence, it is not certain that the newly invented 5G network is existent in Nigeria. Luckily enough, this article is here to help you cure your inquisitiveness on this subject matter.

Is 5G Network Available In Nigeria?

In April 2020, Nigerian Communications Commission — NCC affirmed that there is no deployment of 5G in Nigeria yet. They stated this after revealing that there is no correlation between 5G network and Covid 19 in Nigeria. However, a trial test was approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission — NCC back in 2019. The test took a period of 3 months, to commence and be concluded.

After the test, the installation was decommissioned by the NCC. Recently, the Nigerian Communications Commission — NCC, has revealed that in view of the recent developments, such as misleading agencies about certain materials with zero evidence, especially regarding Covid 19 developments, it has become imperative to adopt the use of new technologies to tackle these challenges, hence, Nigerians should look forward to the possible deployment of the 5G technology in Nigeria.

A New Revenue Opportunity with 5G

The new revenue opportunity that the 5G network provides for global economies regardless of sector or industry is indeed amazing. In this era, fast network and newer technology is an evolution. Network slicing is undoubtedly a major part of that evolution. Companies and industries now have the opportunities to showcase their real potentials while using these technologies to their utmost advantage.

5G, which provides its users a customizable experience at the network level by making use of ‘network slicing’ capabilities, had limited manual configuration customization before its development. Because of the well-constructed customization experience of the 5G network, it has become desirable by a lot of countries and many developing economies.

What To Expect

Following successful demonstrations in 6 locations within the country, the Nigerian Communications Commission — NCC has commenced work for the deployment of the 5G network in Nigeria. It has been revealed that the input of relevant stakeholders from several parastatals in the country with being needed in the policy. The NCC which revealed this information on June 11, 2020, revealed that the policy was being developed based on exclusive instructions from the Ministry of Communication together with the Digital economy as well as its constitutional mandate to execute plans that see to the development of the communication industry in Nigeria.

Amidst the recent developments, there is no presence of the 5G network in Nigeria. Although it was reported in May 2020, the Nigerian Senate carried out investigations to confirm the status of 5G in Nigeria. After their findings, they ordered that the investigation be suspended, and they left with the assumption that the 5G network is available in Nigeria. The initial arguments concerning the 5G network were that it had a link to Coid 19, however, the International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRP) affirmed that as long as the right precautions are observed, the 5G network is relatively safe for human health.


Although the outcome of the Nigerian Senate regarding consecutive investigations about the subject is not clear, but with the success of previous trials, the NCC has confirmed that the outcomes which will eventually be positive, will influence the development of the 5G policy for commercial development on a wide spectrum. Nonetheless, the NCC has revealed that the new initiative will need wide public consultation. This denotes that you are part of making the 5G deployment in Nigeria a lot faster with your positive reviews and support. It is evident that the deployment of 5G network in Nigeria will be a step up in the country’s technology.

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