What Are The Requirements For Nigeria Police Academy?

A police academy, otherwise known as a law enforcement academy, is a training school for police recruits. The recruitment process employs a series of background checks. These background checks consist of driving training, medical requirements, firearm requirements, physical training, and equipment training among others. Recruits for the Law Enforcement Agency are prepared in the academy against the day they will be assigned to their respective stations upon graduation.

Those set of persons who are interested in the Nigerian Police Academy certainly have an eye for detail. One of the noblest jobs in existence is the job of a police officer. Ensuring the safety of citizens, preserving the law, and protecting the interests of individuals is undoubtedly a selfless act, and that is the job scope of a police officer. Along with its honorable cloak, the job is also rewarding. So if your mind is going in this direction, you might want to carefully scrutinize the information on this page!

What Are The Requirements For Nigeria Police Academy?

To join the Nigerian Police Academy, there are some requirements that must be met. Among these criteria, there are certain physical features and abilities that a candidate must possess. They are as follows;

  • The aspirant must be a Nigerian and must be between the ages of 17 to 22.
  • The height of candidates should not be below 5 feet 6 inches for males, and for females, nothing below 5 feet 4 inches.
  • Aspirants should be free from any mental disabilities or physical deformities.

Even though tuition fees are is not officially in existence in the Nigerian Police Academy, The facilities at the academy cost money, hence, a candidate must be ready to submit some funds during the application process. If you have read the requirements and realize that you are a worthy candidate, you can then proceed to the official website of the Nigerian Police Academy and obtain your Remita code.

The Infamous Prerequisite For Approval

Like any exam, only those persons who pass the entrance examination for the academy will be invited for further screening and successive interviews. This is also the case for virtually any Institution, and that is the reason why it is an infamous prerequisite. On the website, the list of accepted candidates is posted. In some other cases, the names of those who have been accepted are published in some national newspapers.

To know if you are an eligible candidate for the Nigerian Police Academy, it is necessary to read all the requirements and ascertain that you can meet them without any hassles. When you’ve gotten clarity, you can then proceed to the Academy’s official website, and there you will obtain a Remita code.

It would interest you to know that the government pays some amount of money to those who enroll in the Nigeria Police Academy and study till graduation. This is undoubtedly wonderful news especially for those set of persons who have been aspiring to become police officers but feel that the cost of education is way too high.

Courses In The Nigerian Police Academy

It is no longer a secret that education at the Nigeria Police Academy costs nearly nothing. Nevertheless, a lot of persons still want to know the available courses at the academy, and what they’re like.

A fact that you must note in that book of yours is that the application form costs quite some money, and it is not refundable. This is the reason why you must make up your mind before making any payments whatsoever. Below are the programs offered at the Nigeria Police Academy;

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Management at the Nigeria Police Academy offers the following courses;

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Accounting
  • Political Science
  • Management

The Faculty of Sciences at the Nigeria Police Academy offers the following courses;

  • Mathematics and Physics
  • General biological sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Forensic sciences

The Faculty of Humanities at the Nigeria Police Academy offers the following programs;

  • History and International Studies
  • Linguistics – Comprising Nigeria languages and the English language

In addition to these faculties, there is a Faculty of Law grooms students in the general Law program. The Nigeria Police Academy also offers a Bachelor’s degree in all the courses and programs offered at the institution. Upon graduation, students in the academy have many options to choose from when it comes to career paths.

They are able to work in the labor market like every other graduate and they are also able to work in the Nigeria Police as assistant superintendents all over the country if they choose to. Education at the Nigeria Police Academy is free for students in all courses and programs.


The entrance exams for the Nigeria Police Academy are quite simple considering the attractive benefits that come with graduating from the academy. However, like every examination situation, it is important to study hard so that you come out in flying colors

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