Can a Second-Class Lower Student do Masters in Nigeria?

Now that you’ve completed your Bachelor’s, you’re probably thinking, “What’s next?” Most people jump straight into business ventures. Some look for jobs, while others delve deeper into their education. Some do this to satisfy their academic curiosity, and others do this to pave the way for high-paying white-collar jobs. There are various postgraduate programs you … Read more

Which School of Nursing is the Best in Nigeria?

Nursing is a profession that’s held in high esteem worldwide. Aside from the profession having a decent pay grade (depending on the country), there’re also many opportunities for nurses – you’re almost guaranteed a job after graduation. For these reasons, nursing is a hot cake for Nigerian students – it’s not just their dream to … Read more

Which University is Best for Medicine in Nigeria?

Medicine and Surgery is a reputable professional course, highly paid for and constantly sought after worldwide. It’s no wonder that studying Medicine is the dream of many Nigerian students and their parents.  Are you an aspiring Medical student looking to study in one of the best universities in Nigeria but uncertain which university to choose? … Read more

Which University Has The Biggest Library In Nigeria

A library is a collection of sources of information and resources from all fields of knowledge. These resources are often carefully selected by experts from various fields, compiled, and then made available to a defined community.  While that’s the case, most Nigerian universities have not been in good books for library management. It is generally … Read more

Which State is the “Most Educated” in Nigeria?

Education is an important tool needed to build human capacity in a country. Some of the most highly-developed and economically-vibrant nations of the world have a much higher percentage of educated people than less-developed countries. Nigeria is still a developing country having educated citizens that constitute a fairly large part of its population. The educated … Read more

Which School Offers Criminology in Nigeria?

Criminology can best be defined as the scientific study of crime and deviant behavior, including its causes, responses by law enforcement, and methods of prevention. It is a sub-specialty of sociology, which in itself is the scientific study of social behavior. Criminology draws majorly upon the research of many fields such as law, philosophy, sociology, … Read more

Which Polytechnic is the Best in Nigeria?

A polytechnic is an institute of learning that teaches applied arts, science, or engineering courses. It differs from a university in that it doesn’t teach academic subjects but teaches applicable skills in scientific, technological/technical, and engineering fields. There are many government-approved polytechnics in Nigeria. While many are either federal or state government-owned, a few are … Read more

Which Universities Offer Nursing in Nigeria?

Nursing is a medical-related course that is popularly studied by both males and females around the world. Nurses are always in demand both in hospitals and clinics in Nigeria and overseas and this has made the course one of the most sought-after medical-related courses for years. Prospective students who want to study nursing in Nigeria … Read more

What Are The Requirements For Nigeria Police Academy?

A police academy, otherwise known as a law enforcement academy, is a training school for police recruits. The recruitment process employs a series of background checks. These background checks consist of driving training, medical requirements, firearm requirements, physical training, and equipment training among others. Recruits for the Law Enforcement Agency are prepared in the academy … Read more

How Many Months Is Nigeria Immigration’s Training?

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) which was established by the Act of parliament in the year 1963, was originally extracted from the Nigeria Police in August 1958. Since 1963, the service has been restructured to manage modern migration, especially so that its protocols are in line with regional, sub-regional, and global political alignments. Over the … Read more

What is Citizenship Education in Nigeria?

Citizenship education is paramount in the development of a country. It’s usually taught in schools as a subject due to how broad it is. Every single topic under citizenship education is necessary for the development of a citizen. What is Citizenship Education in Nigeria? In Nigeria, citizenship education is a way of educating Nigerians of … Read more