Does Wish Ship to Nigeria?

Wish is an online store that lets you buy anything you want at a discount. They allow users from most countries to shop on their app and website, and this makes them popular among consumers. Does Wish Ship to Nigeria? Yes, Wish ships to Nigeria. This online store is popular among Nigerians because they offer … Read more

Does Spotify Work in Nigeria?

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform that has gained popularity all around the world due to their impressive user experience. It’s one of such platforms that make music easily accessible and give more exposure to musicians and podcasters as well. Does Spotify Work in Nigeria? Yes, Spotify works in Nigeria. This audio streaming platform … Read more

Does Stripe Work in Nigeria?

Stripe is a payment gateway used by major e-commerce stores and other businesses with an online presence. One of Stripe’s strong points is its seamless transaction process which makes payment very swift. Does Stripe Work in Nigeria? No, Stripe doesn’t yet work in Nigeria. There are several other payment gateways you can use and most … Read more

Does Shein Ship to Nigeria?

Shein is a US-based online store that specializes more in women’s clothing. What makes this store frequented by people all around the world is their inexpensive clothing. This feature is their edge over other fashion retailers. Does Shein Ship to Nigeria? Yes, Shein ships to Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians buy their clothes from this … Read more

Does Swagbucks Work in Nigeria?

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty program platform that lets its users make money by performing various activities. It’s a platform that lets you make money while having fun. Does Swagbucks Work in Nigeria? Yes, Swagbucks works in Nigeria. This rewards and loyalty program platform is one of the free platforms that accept Nigerians, and … Read more

Does Payoneer Work in Nigeria?

Payoneer is a US-based financial services company that renders online funds transfer and digital payment services. Founded in 2005, the company supports over 200 countries and over 150 local currencies. Using Payoneer’s platform, you can send and receive funds locally and internationally, and you can withdraw funds directly to your bank account or with a … Read more

How Can Insecurity Be Tackled in Nigeria?

Insecurity is presently one of the biggest challenges that Nigeria is facing as a country. Things have gone so bad that hardly would a day pass by without reports of instances of kidnapping or killings by bandits, armed robbers, and terrorists as well as other gruesome acts resulting in the loss of innocent lives and … Read more

Can a Nurse Open a Hospital in Nigeria?

In order to avoid mixing things up, we need to clearly define what a hospital is in the Nigerian context compared to similar healthcare facilities. According to the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), a hospital is a premises with facilities for medical investigation, diagnosis, and treatment. These facilities include those required … Read more

Can a Nurse Open a Pharmacy in Nigeria?

A pharmacy is where drugs are dispensed to patients. It could be a section of a hospital and it can exist as a standalone massive drug store (known as a community pharmacy). A pharmacy is quite different from a patent medicine store (popularly called “chemist shop” in Nigeria), which is permitted by law to dispense … Read more

How Does MTN-Lumos Mobile Electricity Work?

No thanks to the erratic power supply problem that has been faced all over Nigeria for many decades, the demand for alternative sources of power continues to boom. And with more and more Nigerians becoming aware of solar energy, many are turning away from generators and other power generation options in favor of solar power … Read more