Wheat Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Wheat is arguably one of the most important grains in the Nigerian economy. This is because, asides from consuming it as a meal in itself, wheat is used in the manufacture of several economically important foods. Bread and noodles are among the most-consumed foods in this part of the world. It is interesting to note … Read more

Soya Beans Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Soya beans are arguably one of the best and most affordable plant sources of protein in this part of the world. It provides nourishment for both children and adults and can be used to make a wide variety of meals. Soya beans aren’t so difficult to cultivate so any person can engage in soya bean … Read more

Potato Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Potatoes are among the most commonly consumed root crops in Nigeria, probably second to yams. Different local delicacies are prepared from potatoes with the most common being boiled and fried potatoes. Do you know that potato farming in Nigeria is very lucrative? You can either engage in sweet potato farming or Irish potato farming. Whichever … Read more

Pepper Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Almost everyone consumes pepper, not just in Nigeria, but globally. Pepper falls into the vegetable category and it is a major ingredient used in most foods. Just like most vegetables, pepper farming in Nigeria is quite lucrative. However, you must learn the ropes, and put in sufficient effort. The most common peppers consumed in this … Read more

Ostrich Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Poultry farming is the raising of birds for meat, egg, or both purposes. Most Nigerians are familiar with raising chickens (layers, broilers, and noilers) and turkeys. What most people don’t know is that poultry farming is very widespread as you can raise all kinds of birds including ostriches. How do you start ostrich farming in … Read more

Ginger Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Ginger is a highly medicinal food item that has been consumed for several centuries. This food item is renowned for the immense health benefits that it provides. Are you planning to start ginger farming in Nigeria? This post should provide the guidance that you seek. It is no secret that Nigeria is blessed with very … Read more

Geese Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Over the years, poultry farming has grown in popularity in Nigeria. While people are more familiar with the raising of broilers and layers, there are other types of poultry farming. One that is gradually becoming more popular is geese farming. Geese are quite similar to ducks as they hail from the same family. However, you … Read more

Duck Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

Agriculture is the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals for human consumption. One aspect of agriculture that is thriving in Nigeria today is duck farming. How do you start duck farming in Nigeria? This type of farming is quite lucrative because it requires very little capital or infrastructure. For the better part, all … Read more

Cucumber Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

The cucumber is a member of the Cucurbitaceae or gourd plant family. The question of whether cucumbers are vegetables or fruits is quite common. Botanically, cucumbers fall under the fruit category. Whether they are fruits or vegetables, cucumbers are very popular among Nigerians as we add them to different foods and salads. Do you know … Read more

Problems of Snail Farming in Nigeria

Snail farming is also known as heliciculture. It is a type of farming that involves rearing snails for their meat or slime. Another byproduct of snails that is in high demand is their droppings. You can sell snail droppings as green manure. Snail farming has become one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria because … Read more

Top 20 Farming States in Nigeria in 2022

Before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria, agriculture was the mainstay of our economy. The country exported several agricultural products in raw form from different parts of the country. To date, agriculture is still practiced at both subsistence and commercial levels all over the country.  Nigeria is still among the largest producers and exporters … Read more

Can Apples Grow in Nigeria?

You might have heard of the expression – an apple a day will keep the doctor away. This is because these delicious fruits come packed with loads of healing properties that will boost your immune system and keep your health up. However, there are rumors that you won’t be able to grow these fruits in … Read more

How Many Oil Palm Trees for 1 Acre in Nigeria?

Oil palm farming is quite lucrative and profitable in Nigeria with the country ranking as one of the world’s major producers of oil palm back in the 20th century. Today, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Colombia have taken the lead, however, there is still a lot of profit to gain from this Agribusiness. Like many starters, … Read more