Who Is The Tallest Man In Nigeria?

Ask any parent around, and you’ll find how fast kids tend to grow. New clothes are bought for kids more often than you’d imagine. The fastest humans grow is in the first year of their life as babies. Generally, humans grow at similar rates, nonetheless, while some persons attain their adult height in high school, others continue growing till they get to their early, mid, or late twenties.

Ever noticed that your child grew taller overnight? Well, you might just be right. As a person, if you were too short or too tall, then you’ve probably been the victim of a number of crappy jokes or heart-wrenching nicknames. Teasing aside, being different always causes some kind of stir. As a matter of fact, the reactions of other people to a person who is physically different is a part of basic human psychology.

The topic of dissection in this guide is the tallest man in Nigeria. Tall height in males is popularly perceived as attractive and interesting, but what if it gets too fascinating. The world has had a unique history of the tallest humans to exist, but unknowing to a lot of persons, Nigeria currently has a person of like nature. Although there hasn’t been any admissible evidence upon the true heights of giants except those that were made under strict medical supervision, but it’s easy to know a giant when you spot one.

Who Is The Tallest Man In Nigeria?

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji who was born on the 13th of December 1975, is presently the tallest man in Nigeria. The Nigerian model and TV star is the last child of three children and is 7 ft’ 4inches in height, making him the tallest man in the country and among the tallest people in Africa.

Afeez, together with his family, moved to Akota Yaba in Lagos where he grew up, got his secondary education at St. Finbarr’s College. He also acquired his regular National Diploma certificate from UniLag — University of Lagos.

After getting his Ordinary National Diploma certificate, Afeez went to procure his higher National Diploma Certificate from the Lagos State Polytechnic. During his childhood, Afeez Agoro had a normal growth rate. At the young age of 19, he developed an ailment and was taken to the hospital for series of tests.

Eventually, Afeez was diagnosed with gigantism, a condition also known as Acromegaly in the medical field. This ailment made him grow at a very fast rate. Despite Afeez Agoro’s efforts to combat the ailment, he continued to grow exponentially.

Agoro’s Journey To Acceptance

While growing up, Afeez Agoro Oladimeji was just like any child. Of course, he lived life happily and carefree with his peers, unaware of the impending challenge ahead. Afeez fell ill a lot as a child, constant illnesses and consequent checkups led him to discover his abnormal growth rate. Afeez Agoro’s parents tirelessly sought medical intervention but could find no solution to their child’s ailment. When it was evident that the solution was not nigh, Afeez realized that he had to accept his condition and find ways to live happily. 

A Reliable Support System

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji’s family has been his greatest support system. While Agoro’s father was alive, he built a house to make movement easier for his son ‘Afeez’. His family according to him, had helped him to cope with a lot of difficulties including Rheumatism. At some point in his life, Afeez had to undergo surgery for heart correction in the United States. His family was there to help him all the way through.


Try wondering what life would be like if you were the tallest man in Nigeria. What career path would you have chosen? Would it have been sports, or maybe a job behind the desk? Whichever path you chose to take, standing out from the crowd will be inevitable. If you happen to be the type that dislikes attention, such a situation would not be pleasant at all. From tailor-made clothes to custom-made shoes, your every possession must be keen on detail.

Being the tallest man in Nigeria, it’s not inappropriate to say that he deserves to live in the tallest building. He will also need a special car to drive in if he happens to love the road experience. It is always easy to outrightly suggest a customized car, set of custom-made shoes, expertly tailored clothes, and whatever customizable item we can brainstorm, but Agoro’s financial capability may not afford such.

However, widely recognized news outlets and private agencies have begun to identify, support, and cheer on Afeez Agoro Oladimeji for his courage. Hopefully, we are looking forward to greater things for the tallest man in Nigeria who is still beating the odds and standing tall.

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