Which is the Longest River in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country endowed with natural resources such as water bodies (seas, lakes, springs, rivers, etc.) The water bodies we’ll be talking about here are the rivers. There are quite a number of rivers located in different parts of Nigeria and each of these rivers differs from the other in terms of length, size, and even appearance. But which of the rivers in Nigeria is the longest? In this article, our focus will be to give a detailed answer to this question.

Which is the Longest River in Nigeria?

The River Niger is the longest river in Nigeria and in West Africa. It flows for 2,597 miles which are approximately 4,200 kilometers. In the African continent, River Niger is the third-longest and only behind the Congo River (second longest) and the Nile River (longest).

It may surprise you to know that River Niger flows through five countries in Africa namely Nigeria, Benin Republic, Niger, Mali, and Guinea. The river flows from the other four African countries into Nigeria, passing through Niger State and forming a tributary with River Benue – the second-longest river in Nigeria – in Lokoja, Kogi State. This tributary is the reason why Kogi State is known as “The Confluence State”.

From Lokoja, River Niger flows southwards, where it forms a boundary between Asaba, the Delta State capital and Onitsha, a major commercial city in Anambra State, and then discharging through a massive delta – known as the Niger Delta – into the Gulf of Guinea from where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

With a span of 2,597 miles (4,200 kilometers), the River Niger has been an important transportation channel in the five countries through which it flows and it is the third-longest river in the continent of Africa.

Which river is the biggest in Nigeria?

The biggest river in Nigeria is River Niger. It passes through five countries in Africa as well as a few states in Nigeria. River Niger has a length of 2,597 miles (4,200 kilometers).

What are the 2 major rivers in Nigeria?

River Niger and River Benue are the two major rivers in Nigeria. The two rivers meet and form a tributary at Lokoja, Kogi State – which is the reason why Kogi State is called “The Confluence State”. This tributary then enters the Gulf of Guinea through a network of creeks and distributaries which in turn form the Niger Delta.

How many lakes are in Nigeria?

There are more than 50 lakes in Nigeria. Some of these lakes are big while others are small. The majority of these lakes are natural lakes while a few of them are man-made reservoirs.

How many rivers are in Lagos?

There are four known rivers in Lagos namely the Yewa River, Ogun River, Oshun River, and Kweme River.

Which state has the highest waterfall in Nigeria?

Nasarawa State has the highest waterfall in Nigeria. This waterfall is named Farin Ruwa and it is one of the most significant waterfalls in Africa due to its height of over 150 metres which is approximately 492 feets.

Which are the dams in Nigeria?

The following are some of the dams in Nigeria based on their importance:

  • Kainji Dam (Niger State)
  • Jebba Dam (Niger State)
  • Shiroro Dam (Niger State)
  • Asejire Reservoir (Oyo State)
  • Bakolori Dam (Sokoto State)
  • Challawa Gorge Dam (Kano State)
  • Dadin Kowa Dam (Gombe State)
  • Goronyo Dam (Sokoto State)
  • Gusau Dam (Zamfara State)
  • Ikere Gorge Dam (Oyo State)

How many mountains are in Nigeria?

There are more than 2,000 mountains (with 2,130 named) in Nigeria. These mountains are distributed across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

How many waterfalls are in Nigeria?

There are 20 different waterfalls in Nigeria. Some of the most popular ones are Erin Ijesha waterfall (located in Erin Ijesha, Osun state, Nigeria), Gurara waterfalls (located in Niger state, Nigeria), Farin Fuwa waterfalls (Nasarawa State, Nigeria), and Arinta waterfalls (Ekiti State, Nigeria).


When it comes to the longest river in Nigeria, River Niger takes the lead. With a span of 2,597 miles (approximately 4,200 kilometers), it’s not only the longest in Nigeria but in West Africa. River Niger flows through five countries in Africa as well as some states in Nigeria. It’s the third-longest river in Africa, only behind the Congo River (second longest) and River Nile (longest).

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