Which State has the Hottest Weather in Nigeria?

Due to the increase in man’s industrial activities the earth has been experiencing a lot of climatic changes. The release of these greenhouse gases has increased the greenhouse effect around the earth. The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon in which the heat from the sun is trapped on Earth. This procedure has made the Earth … Read more

Which Wind Brings Harmattan To Nigeria?

The term Harmattan is closely related to the Twi word, “Haramata”. It is a season in West Africa characterized by dry, dusty winds. Harmattan is usually at its peak during the late fall and winter seasons. That is late November to mid-March the following year.  Which Wind Brings Harmattan To Nigeria?  Harmattan is brought to … Read more

Which is the Longest River in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country endowed with natural resources such as water bodies (seas, lakes, springs, rivers, etc.) The water bodies we’ll be talking about here are the rivers. There are quite a number of rivers located in different parts of Nigeria and each of these rivers differs from the other in terms of length, size, … Read more