Can you own a Gun in Nigeria?

It is possible for you to own a gun in Nigeria. Still, before an individual can own a firearm in Nigeria, a gun license is needed so law enforcement agents would recognize your weapon so that you wouldn’t be prosecuted for illegally possessing a firearm.  In Nigeria, owning a gun isn’t easy as it would … Read more

Can You Marry Your Cousin in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, cousin marriage is a practice that is frowned upon by the public, religious bodies, and some cultures as it is seen as an act that goes against normal marriage practices and religious beliefs. Even though this practice isn’t widely accepted in Nigeria, it is practiced in Nigeria by some Nigerian tribes. Of the … Read more

How Many Wives can You Marry in Nigeria?

The marrying of more than one wife is known as polygamy and it is practiced by so many countries in the world. The marrying of more than one wife is a practice still observed by a large percentage of people in Nigeria. Although polygamy is frowned upon by the Constitution and most educated individuals it … Read more

Who Owns a Child Born Out of Wedlock in Nigeria?

Under most Customary law systems in Nigeria, it is believed that the father has the absolute right to the custody of the child. If the father dies, then the right will be transferred to the head of the father’s family, although the daily care of the child may be the mother’s responsibility. Who Owns a … Read more