Is Nigeria a Developing Country?

A developing country connotes a country with a less evolved commercial base and a low Human Development Index that correlates with that of other countries. Most of the time, this definition is not usually acknowledged. As a matter of fact, there is no clear establishment that developing countries fit into this bracket. It is not … Read more

Which Economic System is Best for Nigeria?

Nigeria is presently using a mixed economy that includes both capitalism and socialism. Citizens can have private ownership of properties and the government also has ownership of properties. Which Economic System is Best for Nigeria? So far, the mixed economy has brought us no development, so it is necessary for the government to try a … Read more

Is Nigeria Really a Failed State?

A failed state is one with a weak central power that has no authority over its people, such as the inability to raise taxes or perform other mundane activities. Is Nigeria Really a Failed State? No, Nigeria isn’t a failed state, not yet. By definition, a failed state is one whose economic and political system … Read more

How Much is Nigeria Owing China?

Everyone is concerned about the debt Nigeria owes China, with a feeling that it is off the charts. Nigeria and China have had diplomatic ties since 1971. Trade and investment have grown since then, and so has lending too. The public is concerned that the debt Nigeria owes to China might be risking its sovereignty, … Read more