Which is the First Church in Nigeria?

Religion is one of the major aspects of the Nigerian lifestyle. Nigeria has three major religious factions. The Christain religion where members are known as Christians and their place of worship is the church, the Islamic religion where members are called Muslims the place of worship is the mosque, and the traditional religion whose members … Read more

Which Church is the Biggest in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a religious country and one of its main religions is Christianity. Just like Christianity is practiced in many countries of the world, there are different Christian denominational callings in Nigeria. Many of these denominational callings have hundreds of churches that spread across Nigeria. Some of these churches are so big that they can … Read more

Which Religion First Came to Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. This fact can be attested to by the predominant percentage of its citizens who belong to one religion or the other – though there is an insignificant number of atheists and agnostics in Nigeria. Unlike some countries with more religions, only three major religions … Read more